How Can You Detox from Alcohol in NJ Safely?

There are many options for addiction treatment throughout New Jersey, but the recovery process should always start with a safe and supervised detox. Alcohol addiction causes strong physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that cause many to suffer in silence for years, too afraid to face the pain and discomfort that detox can bring.

Quitting alcohol on your own isn\’t as simple as just never drinking again. Even if you dump all your alcohol down the drain, you may risk your health if you quit without medical assistance.

Finding the right detox program is the safest way to put your health first as you embark on your recovery journey.

Alcohol Detox Centers in NJ

Both inpatient and outpatient rehabs offer detox services in New Jersey. Detox is the first step of the alcohol rehabilitation process. If you decide to attend a 30 to 90-day residential treatment, then you will check-in and start detox right away, which typically lasts a week or two.

Outpatient programs will give you the liberty to continue taking care of your family and even attend work while withdrawing from alcohol slowly. Outpatient detox is generally recommended for people with mild to moderate alcohol dependencies. You will typically detox at home while receiving support and possibly medication to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

Those with more severe use disorders are at a greater risk of experiencing health problems during detox, so thorough medical supervision in an inpatient setting is recommended. Inpatient rehabs can provide a greater level of care and support during the detox process, including any necessary medical treatment for health complications and other diseases that are impacted by your alcohol use.

How to Choose a New Jersey Alcohol Detox Center

Since detox is only one part of the alcohol rehab process, it\’s important to find a facility that makes you feel safe, comfortable and supported throughout your recovery. The most important thing to remember is that cleansing your body of alcohol only allows you to prepare to go through rehab. You have to address all of the underlying causes of your alcohol dependency before you can truly end it for good.

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