Can You Leave Detox Centers in NJ Early?

Checking into a detox center may be the easy part, but seeing it through to the end can sometimes present a challenge. People often opt for early discharge because they aren\’t enjoying their stay, or many of them feel as if they have already received the help needed to remain sober. Regardless of the reason, the program is set to end after a certain period for many important reasons.

Admittedly, undergoing a detox program may not be the easiest or the most exciting part of your journey, but it is necessary to get your mind, body, and spirit in alignment with sobriety. It is strongly recommended that each patient should stay for the duration of the program so that they will have medical support and guidance through this pivotal step; however, the facility cannot hold you against your will. So, in short, you absolutely can leave a detox center in NJ prematurely, but it would be a bad judgment call. Here is why.

Why Leaving A Detox Center Early Is A Bad Idea

The mind will often play tricks on you after spending some time at the detox center, but it is not worth cutting the process short. It takes a lot less time to get addicted to a drug then it does to completely break free from it. The path to recovery presents many phases. At times you will feel prepared to be out on your own, but shortly afterward, you may be fighting off an intense craving to use. Leaving too soon can make it easy to succumb to these damaging feelings.

Your body may not be ready to quit the program. Most people who have attempted to quit using substances on their own already know that withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelmingly harsh and even life-threatening in some instances. Those who choose to skip out early may end up using substances as a way to ease these crippling symptoms. However, detox centers offer corrective medication and around-the-clock care to combat these tough issues.

If you start a detox program, it is wise to finish it. Prematurely discontinuing the process will make it much easier for you to relapse and maybe even overdose. At that point, all of the perseverance and dedication that you put towards sobriety would have been pointless. Don\’t let a bad moment ruin your future. Call us today at 833-610-1174 to get more information about our detox programs.

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