Does Insurance Cover Rehab in NJ?

Something that prevents people who need drug and alcohol rehabilitative therapy from getting therapy is that they just can’t afford it. Drug and alcohol rehab is expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars a day to tens of thousands per month. Private insurance in New Jersey can help offset some of the cost of substance use treatment. Using private health insurance can make getting the needed care less expensive. Finding rehab centers that your insurance plan covers may take a little effort, but it is more than worth the effort to get yourself or a family member on the road to sobriety.

How Can I Know If My Insurance Will Pay for Rehab in New Jersey?

In most cases, private insurance will cover rehabilitation. The more severe your addiction, or that of your loved one, the greater the likelihood that the insurance company will pay. The key factor in determining whether or not you get coverage is that your insurance provider must believe it is something you truly need. Your insurance company has an army of medical professionals that view the submitted claims. If they look at your claim and don’t agree that you need rehab, getting them to pay for it may be harder. That being said, you want to ensure that the treatment facility you want to use will accept your insurance.

How Can I Know If a New Jersey Drug Rehab Will Accept My Insurance?

You won’t know unless you ask. The easiest way is to call the treatment facility and provide them with your insurance information. They will quickly be able to tell you whether your insurance is accepted or not and explain the benefits your insurance provides. They can tell you how much of the treatment is covered by the insurance company and if there are any out-of-pocket expenses. Another way to find out is to talk to your insurance provider. Tell them to give you a list of the treatment facilities they cover. Taking this route can save you a lot of time and prevent you from making phone calls to facilities only to have them tell you that they do not accept your policy.

Will All Health Insurance Policies Cover Drug Rehabilitation Treatment?

Yes. Thanks to a combination of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act, all insurance providers need to provide some type of substance abuse treatment coverage. What will vary is the level of coverage offered. The more expensive your private health insurance is, the higher the chance it will cover a larger amount of the rehabilitation cost. You need to know that some treatment facilities limit the policies they will accept. You need to communicate with the facility that you want to attend and make sure that your insurance plan is accepted at that facility.

Are There Specialized Insurance Policies Designed for Rehab Treatment?

You can purchase an insurance policy to cover addiction treatment. The challenge is that insurance companies don’t want to sell insurance to someone who needs to purchase a policy quickly. They don’t want you to buy the policy and have you drop it right after getting treatment. Many insurance companies will only allow you to purchase policies during open enrollment to stop this from happening. This can be a window as small as a couple of weeks out of the year. So they force you to wait until that time to get coverage. Some policies have blackout periods where major services, like substance abuse, aren’t covered. In most cases, it is about one year. You will have to pay for the policy for one year before the insurer agrees to pay for addiction treatment services.

Take Advantage of Every Avenue to Get the Help You Need

The cost of rehabilitative care should never impede you or your family member from getting the needed care. Are you interested in learning more about the rehab programs available in New Jersey and the types of insurance they accept? We would love to be a resource for you. Contact us today at 833-610-1174 to learn more.

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