Do New Jersey Rehab Centers Offer Outpatient Treatment Options?

Today, people who are looking to begin the process of recovering from addiction have more options than ever. Continued research on approaches to treating alcohol and drug addiction has yielded greater diversity in program offerings. If you are looking for a drug treatment program in New Jersey, outpatient options are available.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment generally takes place at a recovery center. However, instead of residing at the campus, the client is permitted to go home at the end of the day. The outpatient curriculum usually includes individual and group therapy sessions. Depending on the treatment center, the program participants may also engage in social activities and workshops. They may receive services to support other areas of their health such as guidance from a nutritionist, treatment by a physician, or case management and monitoring of a health condition that may play a role in contributing to the person\’s substance abuse. Most treatment centers connect their outpatient clients with recovery groups for continued socialization and support.

Is Outpatient Treatment Right for You?

Different recovery center clients may benefit from an outpatient curriculum at different points in their treatment. Individuals who are just beginning their path to recovery may be enrolled in an outpatient program if allowing the individual to continue to reside at home would be most advantageous to the person\’s recovery. For example, a client who is a new parent may need to return home each day to bond with and care for a newborn.

A client who has severe anxiety that makes it impossible for the individual to sleep away from home may be recommended to return home late at night only to sleep and to commute to the treatment center each morning to participate in program activities. Outpatient treatment is also the natural next step for clients who graduate from a residential treatment program. In both cases, recovery centers generally only recommend outpatient treatment to individuals who have stable home environments in which all other members of the household support are committed to maintaining a supportive, clean, and sober environment.

Advantages to New Jersey Outpatient Programs

For most outpatient clients, flexibility is the biggest advantage over residential treatment. Outpatients can often attend to non-negotiable responsibilities like parental responsibilities, caring for other dependent family members, and continuing to go to work and receive an income while receiving treatment. Recovery counselors advise potential clients on the best program options for their needs. Counselors often heavily prefer residential treatment over outpatient programs for individuals who are new or very recently resuming their sobriety. Nevertheless, there are cases in which a new client may need to begin treatment as an outpatient from the beginning.

Disadvantages of Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs require a very high level of self-discipline. Commuting to the recovery center early in the morning each day can be especially difficult for people who are new to the treatment process. For this reason, treatment facilities may administer a drug test each day to verify the client\’s compliance with the program. Traveling between home and a treatment center requires time management. Clients who work in addition to receiving outpatient treatment must balance their responsibilities while prioritizing their treatment curriculum.

Many clients are also happier and more successful in residential treatment programs because they are able to receive treatment in a closed environment with the advantages of having a professional staff available around the clock and the company of others who are also in the recovery process. Outpatient programs do not fully immerse the client in the supportive setting that residential centers aim to maintain 24/7. Speaking with a recovery counselor is the first step toward determining whether an outpatient program is right for you.

Our counselors are available to answer all of your questions and to help you find a program that is compatible with your needs, background, and personal interests. We offer a variety of multifaceted programs that combine tradition with innovative approaches to treating substance abuse and addiction. Contact us today at 833-610-1174 to learn more about our New Jersey outpatient treatment options.

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