Do You Have to Do Drug Tests at an Outpatient Drug Rehab Center?

You may be contemplating entering into an outpatient substance abuse treatment program. Consequently, you also find yourself stewing over different questions about what to expect in such a program. For example, you may wonder whether you submit to drug tests at an outpatient drug rehab center. As is the case with many matters associated with substance abuse treatment and recovery, the question of drug testing doesn\’t elicit a simple \”yes\” or \”no\” answer. A number of different factors come into play.

Court-Ordered Outpatient Drug Treatment

In many cases in which a person is convicted of some type of crime that has some sort of connection to substance abuse or addiction, a component of the sentence is outpatient drug treatment. If outpatient drug treatment is court-ordered, odds are that a person will be required to submit to drug testing.

Drug testing in this type of situation will be random. Moreover, the possibility exists that drug testing may not be administered by the rehab center itself. Rather, a person court-ordered to rehab is likely to have to report to another location for random drug testing. Oftentimes, a person is obliged to call in to a designated number every day to ascertain if a drug test is scheduled that day for the individual.

Program Alternatives at an Outpatient Drug Rehab Center

There are some outpatient drug rehab programs that utilize treatment modalities that might include drug testing. They utilize drug testing for a number of reasons, including compliance with a treatment program. In addition, drug testing can be a sobriety tool that provides a mechanism to aid a person in staying away from using while in the course of treatment. There are outpatient drug rehab programs that do not impose an absolute requirement for drug testing on participants.

In the final analysis, a person is apt to have the best results in outpatient drug treatment when he or she personally is motivated to embark on this course of recovery. In seeking an outpatient drug rehab center that best meets your needs and objectives, ask questions. These queries should include whether drug testing is a mandatory part of the treatment regimen. You must select an outpatient drug rehab option that provides the resources and maintains a set of participant requirements that are best suited to your underlying needs and ultimate goals. You can learn more about the parameters of an outpatient alternative by calling a rehab center today at 833-610-1174.

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