Are There Depression Rehab Facilities Specializing in Bipolar Disorder?

If you received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and are not currently being treated, you may wonder what type of rehab facilities are available to you. You may wonder whether these are depression rehab and treatment centers that focus on assisting people like you diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Specialists

Bipolar disorder is a widely diagnosed mental health condition. As a consequence, there are treatment centers, including what might be called depression rehab facilities, that do specialize in treating bipolar disorder. You can ascertain the primary types of conditions a treatment center specializes in directly from a facility. Your primary care physician is also likely to be of assistance to you in a search for a depression rehab facility that specializes in aiding people with bipolar disorder

Rehab Facilities Treating People with a Dual Diagnosis

A significant percentage of people are given what medically is known as a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is one in which a person receives treatment for both a mental health issue or condition and some type of substance abuse or addiction. A reality associated with different types of mental health conditions, including depression and bipolar disorder, is that people afflicted with these issues undertake what is known as self-medicating. In other words, a person with medically untreated bipolar disorder uses illicit substances or alcohol as means of alleviating the symptoms of the condition. This approach creates something of a viscous circle. The use of mind-altering substances as a means of self-medicating worsens a mental health condition. As a mental health condition becomes more severe, the use of mind-altering substances increases.

There are depression and other types of mental health treatment centers that specialize in conditions like bipolar disorder and do so with a focus on treating people with a dual diagnosis. In recent years, the number of such programs has increased in number, a trend expected to continue into the future. Obtain more information today about services available from a particular treatment center. Via a telephone call at 833-610-1174, you can elicit essential information about whether a depression rehab program specializes in bipolar disorder. You can also commence the process of admission directly after you make the important decision to seek this type of professional assistance.

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