Can you go to detox for crystal meth?

Methamphetamine is a powerful drug that takes hold of a person, even from the first use. Many individuals begin the steel decline into using crystal meth, usually starting with an ADHD medication, heading towards cocaine or another stimulant, and eventually heading towards meth as a final result. Some people start right out with meth, depending on their demographic and location. Either way, once you start using it, it is challenging to stop.

Most people continue using meth because they cannot handle the comedown or eventual withdrawal symptoms. Although users will argue that there are no withdrawal symptoms, this is far from the truth.

How Crystal Meth Withdrawal Impacts the Body and Mind

Within the first twenty-four hours, a person coming down from meth use will experience fatigue, cravings for carbohydrates, and sometimes depending, forms of psychosis. These symptoms are due to lack of sleep, anxiety, and the body’s chemical composition. As time goes by, a person will begin to head into depression because the brain cannot produce the levels of serotonin it does while it is on drugs. This tends to lead to massive cravings with hopes of boosting mood and energy. Finally, a person will struggle with intense anxiety. The length of withdrawal symptoms depends on a person’s body type, intensity, and duration of use.

Although withdrawal symptoms are not as physically intense as they are with heroin or alcohol, they lead to a high level of discomfort. Meth use is incredibly taxing on the mind. For those who are attempting to detox from home, there will be a level of paranoia, extreme craving, anxiety, anger, depression, and potentially even hallucinations. The mental withdrawal from using meth is challenging to get through because the brain cannot balance its production of chemicals correctly.

How a Facility Can Assist with Detox

A person can detox from crystal meth from home. However, the chances that they will be more comfortable, get through the most intense withdrawal symptoms in a monitored environment, and transfer to a longer-term recovery program are more remarkable when they begin their journey at a detox facility.

Although there are no FDA drugs specifically used for crystal meth withdrawal, there are a number of medications that are used to help, including sedatives and antidepressants that can help with recovery initially and over the first six weeks until therapy can be sought. After detox, once a person feels physically better, it is recommended that they attend inpatient or outpatient rehab to begin working on the mental symptoms and effects the drug has caused. Recovery is an important process because without it, after a detox, a person is likely to go back out using.

Under the supervision of medical staff, they will provide the correct medications and doses that will help with the physical and psychological discomfort that detox can bring. Also, there will be counseling support available to help you gain the support you will need to deal with the severe cravings that will come over the next three weeks.

Why You Should Attend a Detox vs. Detoxing Yourself

Many people attempt to detox from home, only to find that it is complicated on their willpower. They will often end up using again because the cravings will be too difficult to handle. They also strain their family members and friends while their brain chemicals are attempting to balance themselves, causing severe mood swings. Physical discomfort is difficult to deal with, so individuals begin looking towards other drugs to help them alleviate the anxiety and physical pain, which can be even more damaging. Those who use crystal meth often are severely underweight, over-exhausted, and dehydrated and cannot gauge their severity and treat the issues accordingly.

Those who have been using crystal meth for an extended period should seek a detox facility to help them begin their recovery process. Not only will they be medically supervised, but they will also be able to get help for other issues that stem from their chronic use. Medical detox will prescribe the correct medications to help an individual recover from the physical and mental pain with more comfort. Suppose there is any question about a person’s ability to detox in a safe environment where cravings can be kept under control. In that case, they should seek out a detox medical facility immediately. Call us at 833-610-1174.

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