Can My Spouse and I Go to Rehab in New Jersey Together?

It\’s common for both people in a marriage to struggle with substance abuse issues. But substance abuse has the potential to tear a relationship apart. If you and your spouse want to go to rehab, you might be wondering whether you can go to the same rehab center.

The short answer is: It depends.

There really isn\’t a one-size-fits-all approach to couples\’ rehab. Going to rehab together is an option with multiple potential pros and cons. You\’ll have to contact your treatment center to find out whether they ever treat married couples together.

Some of the pros of going to the same treatment center:

  • You get to see and support each other
  • You can have couples\’ counseling sessions and family therapy while in rehab
  • Other family members only have to travel to one place to visit both of you
  • You can redefine your relationship and find out what you like about each other outside your substance abuse issues

For spouses in a healthy relationship, going to the same treatment center can help them affirm their relationship. However, when there\’s a potentially unhealthy relationship dynamic, those benefits can turn to hindrances.

The Potential Problem With Couples\’ Rehab

One of the most important things about addiction treatment is the focus on yourself. Your only goal is to take care of yourself in the moment, and learn skills to take care of yourself in the future. Addicts aren\’t always good at caring for themselves, which is what leads to substance abuse in the first place.

If your spouse is at the same treatment center, that has the potential to be distracting. You might not be focused on yourself and your own treatment because you\’re trying to give them too much support. When you have a codependent relationship or a history of self sacrifice, couples\’ rehab can be unhealthy.

It can also be unhealthy in cases where one spouse is more committed to recovery than the other. If one of you is tempted to use or quit early, they have a bigger chance of convincing the other to do the same when you\’re at the same rehab center.

It\’s all about what\’s best for you. No matter what, you can do this. You don\’t need your spouse with you to be strong enough.

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