Will Treatment Centers for Alcoholics Provide Family Resources?

When individuals enter treatment centers, one of their greatest concerns is their family that they are leaving behind. The largest concerns include where their family will be taken care of financially, where they will stay, and if they will be able to remain in contact with their family during their stay in treatment. There are many treatment facilities that offer support for family members of patients attending treatment facilities.

Communicating with Your Family During Treatment

There are many ways in which individuals in treatment programs are able to communicate with their family. The methods will differ program to program, but the majority of treatment facilities allow phone, internet (i.e., email), and letter writing during designated times during the day. There are facilities that allow for family members to send care packages and visit on designated days of the week. There are also options in many treatment centers for family therapy to occur. Family therapy is important, as most families are affected by the addiction as well. The family therapy sessions may allow for a helpful and moderated session of healing for all family members regarding the impact that addiction has had on their lives.

Financial Assistance for Families During Treatment

Treatment for addiction is typically very expensive and can cause financial burden and difficulty for families. This is especially true if your family loses your source of income while you are being treated for your addiction. There are several options that may allow you to reduce the financial burden on your family during your stay in treatment. These options include:

  • Speaking with your employer regarding your sick days and remaining paid time off. If you have sick days and paid time off available, you will be able to obtain a paycheck for your time in treatment.
  • Requesting assistance from trusted friends and family. Many individuals who are entering treatment are able to gain assistance from their close family and friends, which allow them to decrease the costs of their treatment and aid them in paying for their family\’s expenses.
  • Call your health care provider and insurance company and inquire about your eligibility for Medicaid/Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. Both of these programs offer options to help you pay for your stay in treatment.
  • You may ask your employer if they will offer short term disability services, which covers alcohol treatment and rehabilitation.

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