Will I Be Able To Work Out While I’m In Rehab?

Regular workouts help you to stay mentally and physically strong. Whether you’re a weight lifter or enjoy doing yoga, there’s a workout available for everyone. Asking if you’ll be able to workout while you’re in rehab is a good sign that you already have a strong focus on taking care of your body. While you may have developed an addiction, exercising helps you to maintain a strong heart and relieve stress. Your ability to stick to a workout routine also shows that you have the willpower and motivation that it takes to stick to your rehab program.

The majority of rehab centers encourage people to continue to engage in habits that help them stay healthy. In fact, many people start working out for the first time in rehab. The gym facilities can vary significantly from one drug rehab to another, but you’ll generally find all of the basic equipment that you need to achieve a good workout. Some rehabs even have swimming pools, basketball courts and yoga studios where you can enjoy an even more intense exercise routine. If your facility doesn’t have what you need for a typical workout, then this is an opportunity to try something new. At the very least, you can enjoy some basic bodyweight exercises and stretches that help you to maintain your current level of physical fitness.

Start Building a Routine In Rehab That Strengthens Your Physical Health

Going to rehab puts you in a position to make greater gains with your workouts. You’ll find that these benefits begin kicking in soon after you enter the program.

  • Establish a designated workout time
  • Find new fitness-minded friends to keep you accountable
  • Explore different types of fitness classes and equipment
  • Feel motivated to workout by ending the dreaded hangovers

Doing something positive for your body just feels good, and you’ll find that working out helps to release important endorphins in your body that make withdrawal symptoms feel more manageable. When you workout regularly, you’ll also develop a new level of respect for your body. After completing a strenuous workout, you won’t want to ruin all of your hard work with excessive drinking or substance misuse.

Addiction treatment programs tend to have fairly rigid schedules. Each minute of your day is packed with wholesome activities that help you to get stronger as a newly sober person. While many of those minutes will be filled with therapy sessions, you’ll also find plenty of time left open in your schedule to do your favorite workout. You may have a designated exercise time since some workouts are built into your therapy. For instance, many counselors use yoga as a form of meditation that helps to relieve stress. You may also find yourself squeezing in a workout without even thinking about it if you choose to go for a walk with a friend or get asked to join in on a basketball game.

Since everything you learn in rehab is designed to transfer to your life at home, you’ll find that most of your workout options are things that are sustainable for the long run. Being able to rely on your workouts for stress relief and to regain your physical health is a great way to prevent relapse. If working out is a major part of your life, then make sure to let your counselors know. They’ll be able to let you know if you can continue with your current workout regimen, and they’ll share some of the exercise options that they have available at the center.

You might want to keep your workouts in mind as you pack for your treatment program. Make sure to bring your most comfortable workout clothing such as some sweat or yoga pants. A swimsuit is also a must if the rehab center has a pool, or you might want to bring your favorite pair of gloves for weight lifting. Other than that, you should be good. Your rehab center will provide the other types of gear and equipment that you need since they’ll want to be able to perform their own inspections to keep everything safe.

You’ll never be forced to do anything in rehab, but exercise is highly encouraged. Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite workout. You’ll easily have time in your schedule for making exercise a priority, and working out is an awesome distraction during your first few days of weaning your body off of drugs.

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