Will an Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Order Drug Tests?

Drug testing in outpatient rehab can be a good way to keep patients accountable during treatment. Most outpatient rehabs that incorporate drug testing into their rehab programs offer rewards for those who stay sober. You may win a small cash prize or a gift when the results come back negative.

Staying sober is hard work, even for the people who are most passionate about their recovery. While not every outpatient rehab includes drug testing, it may be beneficial to choose one that does for your own treatment.

Drug Testing in Rehab

Drug testing is usually done through urine drug testing, but some facilities may also test through hair analysis or blood screening. If someone refuses to provide a sample, staff will be likely to conclude that they aren\’t sober and try to talk about what\’s going on.

You aren\’t drug tested in outpatient rehab as a form of punishment; even if you have been using your entire time, it can be a useful way for the staff to monitor your health and stay informed about the status of your addiction.

If you fail a drug test in rehab, there may be negative consequences outside of the clinic. For example, you may be obligated by your employer or court to report any positive drug tests. Doing so could have legal consequences or cause you to lose your job.

These potential consequences can be a strong motivator to stay clean, but some people need greater reinforcement. Your therapist in outpatient rehab can discuss drug testing with you before your first test, and the two of you can work together to come up with some potential consequences in the event that one comes back positive.

The Importance of Drug Testing in Rehab

The flexibility of outpatient rehab is a lure for many patients, but the added freedom can also be a risk to their treatment\’s success. Many people struggle to stay clean while they face the same triggers and temptations at home or with their friends. Without the same \”clean break\” someone gets when they go to residential drug rehab, they are more likely to fall back on old habits sooner and relapse.

Drug testing can be beneficial because it helps you stay accountable. If you know that you\’ll be tested, then you may be less inclined to use \”just one more time.\” Drug testing also helps the staff understand your addiction, its effect on your health and make the appropriate decisions for your treatment and care.

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