Will a New Jersey Drug Rehab Help Me Understand Whether I Have a Real Drinking Problem?

At what point does someone admit they have an addiction to alcohol? This is a question that addiction treatment experts have been bantering about for decades. The answer is not an easy one. The primary responsibility for recognizing the existence of alcoholism would understandably fall on the addiction sufferer themselves. Unfortunately, things like denial and a host of other personal problems can interfere with someone\’s ability to face the truth.

At the next level, we would hope that family and friends would play a part in helping the alcoholic recognize they have a problem. Unfortunately, loved ones injecting themselves into someone\’s else\’s addiction issues doesn\’t always play out well.

If someone is unwilling to face the truth and listen to loved ones, how it is possible to get such people into rehab? The answer is it\’s very difficult. In most cases, addiction sufferers are not going to agree to go to rehab until they have a personal awakening. For treatment to be successful, there has to be some level of commitment and cooperation on the part of the client.

Before putting the cart ahead of the horse, it would make sense to lay out the most common signs someone has a drinking problem. Keeping in mind the signs of alcohol addiction could be either physical or behavioral signs, here\’s a list of sign worthy of note:

  • Inability to control the desire to drink
  • Drinking in secrecy
  • The onset of \”the shakes\” and other withdrawal symptoms when not drinking
  • Obsessed with finding alcohol or the money to buy alcohol
  • The destruction of personal relationships
  • Difficulties at work or school
  • Constantly increasing alcohol consumption to get desired effect
  • Risk taking like driving and swimming when drunk
  • Inability to handle personal responsibilities

If any combination of these signs describe your situation or the situation of a loved one, it\’s highly like you or they have a significant drinking problem.

Will a New Jersey Drug Rehab Help Me Understand Whether I Have a Real Drinking Problem? 

Let\’s assume for a moment that you agree to treatment in a New Jersey rehab center like ours. Let\’s further assume you are not convinced you have had a drinking problem but agreed to get help to appease a family member or friend. That would make the titled question relevant.

The answer to the titled question is yes, the staff members in a New Jersey rehab could help you understand you have a drinking problem. It\’s even fair to say they would need to make sure you understand you have a drinking problem. Why?

As was indicated above, the best chance you have for lasting recovery is by committing to and cooperating with the addiction treatment process. It\’s real commitment and cooperation that\’s going to drive you to be open and honest with your therapist. That\’s the key to recovery. If you are open and honest, you have a solid chance of learning the truth about your addiction illness.

With a clear understanding and acceptance, you would put yourself in a position where you can work on developing better coping and life skills. It\’s a well-developed set of coping and life skills that you will give a defense system against temptation and your triggers.

If this isn\’t enough to convince you that you are an alcoholic, we would like to recommend a little test. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has 20 questions they ask of all new members. Read them. Of the 20 questions, an affirmative answer to at least 5 of them is an indication you could have a problem. If you honestly answer yes to more than half the question, it might be time for you to get honest with yourself.

Here\’s the bottom line. If you think there\’s a possibility you have a drinking problem, you should give us a call at 833-610-1174. We would love to work with you on your mission of self-discovery. If you sense there may be a problem, we would love to further work with you on your recovery from the insidious disease of alcoholism. One phone call could change your life.

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