Why People Return To Drinking After Going To An Alcoholic Rehab

Going to rehab is an important part of someone\’s recovery from alcoholism. However, it is meant to be part of the beginning of the journey, rather than the end. Too many people go through rehab, only to find themselves back in the throes of addiction, with many possible reasons as to why.


Many people turn to alcohol to make them feel better. When you go through rehab, your problems don\’t go away. While you are given tools for how to manage issues such as mental health, you have to depend on yourself to deal with stress properly. Some of the things that might stress you include:

  • Marriage/relationship problems
  • Work stress
  • Health problems

Though these problems can be dealt with without the use of alcohol, recovering alcoholics might think that drinking is the only solution. Even if they know better, the power of addiction can still be incredibly strong and difficult to resist.

Lack of Accountability

If you\’re going to make your recovery stick, you have to up-end your lifestyle significantly. You can\’t just tell yourself you\’re going to stay away from alcohol. Instead, you need to be making other profound changes in your day-to-day life. You should be eating right, getting exercise, and sleeping well. Should you ignore your needs in other regards, it\’s going to be all the more difficult to stay sober.

Improper treatment

It would be nice if there was some kind of universal standard for drug rehab centers. Unfortunately, many are improperly run and fail to meet the needs of their patients. As a result, addicts will be shuffled in and out without proper attention. Counselors without the proper credentials will be saddled with treating them. Is it any wonder that they leave without having a proper grasp of their addiction?

The power of addiction

Addictions are powerful beings. They will take a hold of someone and all but refuse to let go. When someone leaves alcoholic rehab, they might try their best to stay sober, but sometimes, addiction is too hard to resist. That doesn\’t mean they can\’t triumph, but it can take longer.

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