Why Long Term Treatment Centers in NJ Are Better

If you are considering your treatment options for addiction in New Jersey, it can feel like an overwhelming process. After all, there are a few different forms of rehabilitation to choose from. You want to make sure you receive the most effective care possible so you have the best chance of maintaining your recovery progress upon completion. Long term treatment can be an attractive solution for anyone seeking the most proven approach to recovery. It offers a variety of unique benefits.

For starters, long term care in New Jersey is capable of virtually eliminating your risk for relapse which is most common during the beginning phase of treatment. This is because you are under 24/7 supervision from a compassionate team of staff members who are available to help you work through your cravings and triggers in a productive manner. In addition to this, long term care provides a much needed change of environment. Often times, people struggle with avoiding relapse because they stay in the same environment that contributed to the formation of their addiction in the first place. By participating in a long term care program, you can enjoy a peaceful and healthy atmosphere with other like minded individuals who have the same goal of recovery as you do.

How Long Does Long Term Care Last?

A long term care program can last for as little as three months, but may be longer depending in your individual needs. Some people find that they need a longer program to develop confidence in their own ability to maintain recovery on their own. However, you will never need to feel alone in the pursuit of recovery. Aftercare is available to act as a transitional phase out of treatment and back into your normal routine at home. It continues to provide services such as therapy and meetings with an addiction specialist on a less frequent basis. Over time, these services will gradually become less and less until you are able to end them entirely.

Long term care is a great choice for anyone struggling with a persistent addiction, multiple addictions and who lacks support at home to succeed in an outpatient program. Our team of specialists is available anytime to help you get started. Call (833) 762-3765 today to start your recovery journey!

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