Why Are There Not More Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in NJ?

For people who live in New Jersey, it might be hard to find a substance abuse treatment center that seems to fit you right. There are a number of treatment centers in the state, but sometimes, it seems like there aren\’t enough. Millions of Americans struggle with addiction, but many of them won\’t get help because they don\’t have access to the right resources.

One of the biggest problems people run into is finding available beds at treatment centers. Inpatient detox programs tend to last about a week. They provide the medical detox necessary to safely come off of alcohol or drugs. But they\’re limited by the number of available spots. When detox programs are full, you can go through a medically supervised detox at a hospital, but they won\’t have the same mental health care available at all times.

Inpatient rehab can be similar. Rehab programs last for several weeks or months. But they can only take as many people as they have beds. This means that people in New Jersey sometimes can\’t find same-day rehab help when they\’re finally ready for it.

There are some reasons for the lack of availability.

Why There Aren\’t More Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

One of the issues is the cost of running a treatment center. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment options have high costs to run. Health insurance, out-of-pocket payments, and government funding tend to make up the places they get their budget.

Another issue is the amount of certification and paperwork needed to open a facility. It\’s often easier to expand a currently-existing facility than to open an entirely new one.

There also tends to be a lack of funding for government-subsidized treatment options. They exist, but there aren\’t as many of these places available as would be ideal.

Finally, community demand is an issue. If you don\’t have a rehab center in your community, that may be because people aren\’t asking for one. That doesn\’t mean you\’re the only person struggling with substance abuse. It just means everyone is having trouble being open and reaching out for help.

Fortunately, there are still a great deal of treatment centers for both outpatient and inpatient care throughout the state. If they don\’t have available beds, you can talk to a counselor about your other treatment options.

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