Who Should You Reach Out To for Support and Relapse Prevention During Tragedy?

Overcoming an addiction alone is not easy; that is why one needs a helping hand for support. Whether you are just starting to overcome substance addiction or fear you may relapse, it is best to reach out and ask for help. Some of the people more than willing to support you are;

Support Groups

In most states and towns, there are various support groups for drug addiction. These groups keep tabs on your progress, provide a platform for you to talk, and ensure you do not fall back. The good thing with support groups is that you get to connect with other people fighting addiction. Support groups such as the 12-step programs are known to help in addiction recovery. The program has different recovery groups such as;

  • Alcoholics Anonymous; groups provide support to people seeking to stop drinking.
  • Cocaine anonymous; the groups support individuals who desire to overcome cocaine abuse and other mind-altering chemicals.
  • Narcotics anonymous; provides a fellowship for people who wish to abstain from drug use altogether.
  • Dual recovery anonymous; is a fellowship of people striving to overcome dependency on chemicals.
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous; it supports individual to overcome the use of meth

The program takes 12 steps, which can be summarized into six parts

  • The first step is to admit you are drug dependant.
  • You establish that there is a higher source of strength.
  • Past life analyses where you identify the areas where one made errors.
  • Then you make amends for those errors.
  • You turn on a new life, a drug-free chapter.
  • Once you overcome addiction, you help others cross the bridge of addiction just like you did.

In some states, gender-based groups such as women seek to help women recover from drug abuse and live a drug-free life. These groups will walk with you on your road to recovery. You do not have to walk alone.

Rehabilitation Centers

Regardless of the state you live in, there are various drug action centers around that you can visit. These centers have personnel who are ready and available to walk you through your recovery journey.

These centers provide in-patient services to provide a safe spot for you to develop a drug-free life. In a medical facility, you will get the medical support and supervision needed to withdraw from the substance.

The centers also provide you with mental health care such as counseling, medication, and education to ensure you do not fall back. The centers also connect you to a support group that will work for you. With them, you are in safe hands.


Aside from the support groups and addiction centers, you may also reach out to your family members. There is no fear in coming out in the open about drug abuse. Family members may help you get the strength, care, and support you need to recover from substance abuse. You may also have your family educated about drug abuse recovery and how to help you prevent a relapse. The support also aims to help family members and friends get over any hardship incurred due to their loved one\’s addiction. The support is confidential and encourages them to reach out to others in the same situation.


It falls under support groups, but it follows a different approach from the 12 steps. While 12 steps take on a more spiritual approach in the recovery process, S.O.S takes on a secular approach hence the name secular organization sobriety (S.O.S). The organization provides recovery treatments for drug abuse and other addictions, such as food addiction. The organization focuses on self empowerment as a way of recovering.


Self Management and Recovery Training use a science-based approach for healthy behavioral change. The treatment focuses not on the past but on the present and future. They hold meeting s to empower and educate people seeking to turn over from substance abuse. They believe addiction is not a disease and does not endorse the words, alcoholic or addict. They do not use a spirituality approach like the 12 steps program.


As an addiction treatment center, we help individuals 18 years on over to overcome drug use. Regardless of the point of addiction, you are in, whether it is one drug or multiple, there is help for you; all you have to do is Call Us Today at 833-610-1174 and ask for help. In such an environment, you have people looking out to ensure you fully recover and do not relapse.

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