Who is a Good Candidate for Outpatient Drug Rehab?

While you\’re looking into options for getting clean, you\’re likely coming across both outpatient and inpatient programs. Speaking with a counselor at the rehab center is necessary in determining the most appropriate course of treatment; however, you can start to evaluate some factors in deciding if outpatient treatment is right for you.

Evaluate the Situation

Outpatient and inpatient rehab both have attractive features to them. An outpatient program allows you to continue living at home, working, going to school and engaging in other positive activities that are regular for you. Evaluating the situation in terms of whether outpatient treatment is right for you can involve a review of some factors:

  • if you\’ve been to inpatient treatment
  • if you are willing and able to manage your temptations
  • if you have a strong support system

These criteria can provide you with a strong sense of your suitability for an outpatient program.

Inpatient Treatment

If you\’ve had success at an inpatient treatment program, an outpatient program can provide you with the tools to take the next step on the journey. While you will no longer be embedded in a culture of treatment throughout the day and night, you can continue to work on your progress and gain support by attending outpatient treatment.


Going to outpatient treatment means that you are still going to find yourself interacting with some of the people from your past and walking by places where you used to do drugs or alcohol. What you need is the resolve to avoid these people and situations and the ability to push them away in the event that you do run into them. If you have honed this ability, outpatient treatment can work.

Strong Support System

One major benefit of an inpatient program is that you have support around you at virtually all times, and this support can boost you through difficult days. Outpatient treatment can work well for you if you have a network of support at home from your partner, relatives, friends, coworkers and other helpful individuals. Whether or not you are a candidate for outpatient treatment is a decision that you should make with the help of a professional. To speak with an expert in the field and to gain greater insight into your path toward a sober life, call 833-610-1174 a call today.

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