Which State Has The Most Drug Rehab Facilities?

It doesn’t take long viewing the news to realize that addiction is a national crisis. From the opioid epidemic that has been going on for years to the recent uptick in problem drinkers that occurred after the pandemic, people in every state could benefit from addiction care.

Once you begin looking for a treatment center, you might notice that certain states seem to have a concentrated amount of rehabs compared to others. Currently, New York and New Jersey are at the top of the list for states that have the most drug rehab facilities.

While it might seem like that should indicate that more people in those states struggle with addiction, that isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, there are several factors that influence why a state might have more drug treatment centers, and these include the following:

  • population density
  • appeal to out-of-state visitors
  • proximity to addiction treatment professionals

One of the biggest factors that influences why New York and certain other states have so many drug rehab facilities is simply that there are more people living in the area. Naturally, a population dense city in New Jersey would need more treatment facilities than a rural town in Alabama.

While you’ll find rehabs in smaller areas, most people choose to travel to a state where they can have their pick of programs to find one that fits their needs. Although rehabs are healthcare facilities, people also tend to prefer to go to one that is located in a comfortable new environment that makes the prospect of getting sober seem more fun.

Going to a rehab on the Jersey Shore offers amenities such as scenic views and the chance to step completely away from your current life stressors. While you’ll likely need to go back to your home state at some point, being able to go somewhere new helps to set your mind on making a big change. Some people also choose to stay in their new state once they finish their treatment program. Being in a location that is addiction recovery-friendly makes it easier to transition to a new lifestyle.

The final reason why people tend to find lots of drug rehab facilities in the New Jersey area is that there is also a vast amount of training and education programs located in the state. People entering the field of psychology and that specialize in addiction treatment tend to stay in the area after they complete their education. This makes New Jersey not only a place where you can find an array of treatment facilities, but it is also the state that you can go to when you know you need highly trained professionals guiding your recovery.

Choose to Recover In a State That Supports Addiction Treatment

If you’re lucky, you might already live near a state that offers the most options to choose from for your treatment. If not, then you may need to travel. Choosing to travel for your addiction treatment offers you the ability to feel more confident about where you stay for your recovery. Yet, it can also be a little intimidating. Traveling for addiction treatment is a lot like going on a vacation but easier. You’ll need to plan for your transportation, but everything else is taken care of once you get there.

For inpatient stays, you’ll be provided with a comfortable room with a bed and shower facilities. You’ll also have a menu available with healthy foods to eat while you focus on your recovery. With all of your needs provided for, you can spend more time focusing on what you learn from your counselors and the other people in your group therapy sessions.

People also tend to travel to addiction treatment center hubs because they know that they can recover there without any judgement. While you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your need for addiction care, there can be some stigma attached to using drugs or alcohol excessively. If confidentiality is a huge concern, such as for public figures, then going to a place where it is common for people to be in rehab can help you feel more secure.

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