Which Outpatient Programs Have The Highest Success Rates?

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs can help those who have completed a supervised detox. Depending on your home environment, it is entirely possible to move right from detox to outpatient rehab. Which outpatient programs have the highest success rates? The ones that you can tailor to your needs for long-term support.

Depending on the substances you were using, detox can take from seven to ten days. As you work through detox, you may find that mental health concerns will crop up. Conditions that you have been controlling with drugs or alcohol may become evident and need addressed. Whether these conditions are treated with different medications, therapy or a combination of the two, you can learn to understand and address these symptoms more effectively.

Outpatient Programs Offer Flexibility

The outpatient rehab that will work best for you is the one that lets you take on responsibilities as you are able. For many dealing with addiction, the pressures of life can contribute to cravings. However, once you have been through detox and started group and private counseling, you may be in a better position to manage such pressures. If you are a parent and need to be available for your children, you may find that outpatient rehab makes the most sense for your life.

It may be necessary to take time off from your job or cut back to part-time. Depending on your employer\’s policy on such time requests, you may need to move your rehab therapies and meetings to different hours. If your insurance policy is covering your rehab program, maintaining your job will need to be one of you priorities. Even if you can take leave for rehab, you will need to maintain a connection with your employer. The right rehab programs can make this possible so you can get back into your regular life as soon as you can.

Your family may also need to participate in your rehab process. If you are a student who is living at home, your struggles with addiction may be well-known to your parents and siblings. Their willingness to join with you in family therapy can lead to a much healthier dynamic between you and your family members.

Be aware that your decision to enter rehab may have a profound effect on your family connections. If you have a parent who was raised by an addict, they may struggle to communicate with you effectively. They may feel that they have failed you or resent you for forcing them to confront this issue. Addicted parents can be inherently neglectful; the need for the drug often overrides the needs of the family. Your parent may finally need to confront the damage done to them by addiction. As you can, offer a bit of grace while they address their issues.

As you work through outpatient rehab, it\’s critical that you fully define your boundaries. Your decision to enter detox and rehab may make a large change in the family structure. If one of your parents has struggled with addiction, they may feel betrayed or \”outed\” by your decision. As the child of an addict, you may have a very hard time breaking the connection between your decision and their sense of betrayal. Pay very careful attention to what, exactly, is your responsibility. Your decision is your responsibility; their reaction is not your responsibility, nor can you control it.

You may have to clear more regulatory hurdles in outpatient rehab. For example, you may need to stick to an attendance schedule and submit a urine sample if you are also dealing with legal challenges. Learning to prioritize may be part of your rehab process. You may need to transfer paperwork from the rehab facility to your parole officer or submit it to the court. These actions, too, are part of your growth through rehab. If you have seen yourself as someone who is unreliable, changing your view about yourself may be the next step in your growth process.

Detox and outpatient rehab will take a great deal of focus and coordination, especially if you are returning to your family home and to a work schedule. However, your decision to take on this huge life-change could be beneficial both for you and your family members. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-610-1174 for a conversation that could greatly improve your health and the health of your loved ones.

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