Where Can I Get Intervention Help?

A successful intervention is a life changing experience for everyone involved. Finally being able to get through to your loved one is a relief for you and the others who attend the meeting. Your loved one also receives the gift of knowing that they have support as they work on getting sober. Although you might be certain that an intervention is the best way to get your loved one to agree to go to rehab, it is also common to be unsure of how to pull one off.

Intervention specialists are people who have dedicated their lives to helping families and friends express their concerns about a loved one’s drug or alcohol misuse. Finding the answer to where you can get help with an intervention is as easy as looking for an addiction treatment program that offers this essential service.

As you start your search for support, you’ll find it helpful to have an idea of how much assistance you need with the intervention. Addiction intervention services can involve simply having someone help you put together the meeting, or you might prefer to have someone actually attend the session to provide help as needs arise in the moment.

You may only need someone to walk you through the steps of hosting an intervention if you expect your loved one to remain calm. However, having an intervention specialist come to your meeting in person provides a stronger level of support for someone who might be likely to have a negative reaction to the suggestion that they need addiction treatment. Whichever level of help you need, you’ll find that bringing in a professional provides you with multiple types of support.

Help Your Loved One Feel Supported From Day One

Intervention assistance includes several important services that help you work through each step of planning an intervention.

Here are just a few of the many ways that an interventionist can provide support.

  • Help put together a list of people to invite
  • Provide assistance with preparing everyone’s statements
  • Step in if things get heated
  • Assist with transitioning to the next stage of recovery

Just putting together a list of people to invite can feel overwhelming if you’ve never held an intervention before. Inviting too many people is a common mistake that people make, but you also don’t want to overlook someone who could make a strong appeal to your loved one’s emotions. You might also be wondering if you should include people who play specific roles in your loved one’s life, such as their older children. An interventionist can help you assess who you want to involve in the meeting to make sure that each person has a vital role to play and is up to handling the task of working to convince your loved one to get sober.

Selecting the right people already helps you to create a convincing argument for quitting drugs or alcohol, but you also want to make sure that everyone knows exactly what to say. An interventionist will help each person prepare an impact statement that is meaningful and compassionate. They can also help you make sure that each person is sharing something different so that the intervention doesn’t get too repetitive. If you choose to have an interventionist attend the session, they’ll help to guide each person through their statements. They’ll also provide gentle redirection if things get off track or someone begins to express too many negative emotions. Since the whole goal of an intervention is to keep it as positive as possible, having a neutral party available to maintain a calm atmosphere makes it more likely to be effective.

Intervention help also extends to handling the outcome of the meeting. If your loved one still refuses to get help, then an interventionist can follow up with them later to offer them support that could be what they need to change their mind. Choosing an interventionist from a preferred addiction treatment center also helps you to act quickly if your loved one agrees to go to rehab. Since they’re already connected to the treatment program, they’ll be able to jumpstart the admissions process so that your loved one can start getting sober as soon as possible.

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