What to Do if You Can’t Afford Rehab

It is a personal, difficult decision to seek help to combat substance abuse. Once you make the decision, it can feel tempting to back out of it, especially when you see roadblocks that make getting treatment difficult. In addition to a waitlist, legal issues, geographical problems, and other challenges, the expense of rehabilitation programs could make you think twice about getting the care that you need. This begs the question, what can you do if you can’t afford rehab?

Why Can Rehab Be Expensive?

Drug rehabilitation centers allow patients to move away from the triggers and sources of their drug use. Inpatient treatment facilities offer guests a comfortable, safe place to stay and provide meals, therapy, and counseling sessions. All of this requires money. For some people, the cost of rehab can feel insurmountable.

Unfortunately, this disproportionately affects individuals who need addiction treatment the most. In many cases, insufficient money is a key reason an addict may refuse help even though they need it. Detox programs can cost between $250 and $800 a day. Inpatient programs can cost between $3,000 and $8,000 per month. Private rehabilitation programs can range from $7,500 to $14,000 a month. A luxury rehabilitation center can cost upwards of $34,000 for a 90-day stay. The prices will vary based on a person’s need or location.

An inpatient facility is more expensive than an outpatient facility because it is better equipped to help a person battling severe addiction. During inpatient rehabilitation, you are likely given prescription medications to help with health problems caused by addiction. Some facilities have leisure activities like animal-assisted addiction therapies or horseback riding that are also expensive.

Programs to Help Cover the Expense of Rehab

If the thought of spending hundreds of dollars a day or tens of thousands of dollars a month on rehab seems expensive to you, you are not alone. The vast majority of people are not in a financial position to afford the cost of rehab. However, some programs and arrangements can help you cover some of the expenses of rehab.

Payment Plans Offered by the Rehab Center

Many rehab facilities accept insurance payments or offer some type of financial aid. Many have financing options, including a payment plan, that allows you to spread payments over several months or years if need be. If there is a specific rehab facility you think would be right for you or a loved one, talk to them about their payment plan and financial aid options.

Health Insurance

You might be able to get financial aid through your insurance company. This includes insurance offered by:

  • Private Companies
  • Military/Government-Funded Entities
  • Medicaid/Medicare

If you have questions about your health insurance policy, ask your insurance agent about recovery treatment options. If you do not have health insurance, you may have scholarships or financial aid available via the treatment facility you want to attend. Talk to them about individual financial aid programs.

Government Assistance

If you are in the military, if you are a veteran, or if you work for the government, you may be able to get government assistance to cover your rehab. Many people erroneously believe that the government is not interested in assisting people with addiction treatments. However, the United States government has always been active in making addiction treatment affordable, especially in light of the Affordable Care Act.

Look for Free Treatment Resources and Options

If you have gone through the above-mentioned options and are still struggling to find a rehabilitation program that you can afford, there are additional options available. One choice could be looking for groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous that may be able to help you combat your addiction. Many local and religious organizations provide assistance to help individuals who cannot afford treatment get the help they need.

Don’t Let Cost Become a Barrier

If you have decided in your mind and heart that you want to break free from substance abuse, do not let the cost of treatment be the barrier. Actively explore options available for quality care. If you’re ready to take the steps needed to start recovery and need assistance finding answers, we can help you. Contact us today at 833-610-1174. Let us be your guide to help you start down the road to recovery.

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