What Should I Bring To Drug And Alcohol Detox

A drug and alcohol detox center is a place where you can process your addiction while participating in a comprehensive treatment program. These centers provide day and residential treatment, with an option of one to five-day detox programs. Most people come to these centers for both a detoxification period and rehabilitation from an addiction or substance abuse. These are some things you can bring with you to a drug and alcohol detox center.

Map Of The Facility To Find Your Way Around

The doctor will give you a brochure on the treatment and the facility during a consultation. You may want to bring the brochure with you so that you can get familiar with the place before you start the detox program. A detox center is a new place, and if you are lost, you can pull out the map and orient yourself. You may also want to get a map of the facility upon arrival so that you can see where breakfast and lunch will be served.

Comfortable Clothes

You will spend most of your time in your bed, so comfortable clothes are necessary. Make sure that you bring comfortable clothes because there is no telling when you will get up and walk around the center. You also want to be comfortable when attending group counseling sessions and when meeting with doctors and other healthcare professionals. You can also bring your own pillow to make you feel comfortable.

Something To Read

Bring something fun to read or something that will keep your mind busy during your time in the treatment facility. There are no electronics allowed, so reading is a good way to keep occupied during this transition. You can bring your favorite book or magazine, but be sure to bring as few things as possible. These reading materials should not have any alcohol content, and they should be appropriate reading material for a drug and alcohol detox center.

One Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

If you are allowed to leave the center, it is best to bring one pair of comfortable shoes. You can take these shoes with you when you meet with doctors or other meetings during your treatment and when you go on an outing during weekends.

Copies Of Your Medical Records

If you have any past medical problems, do not forget to bring those records with you. You can bring copies of your most recent blood tests and other medical records that the center might need for your treatment. The center will get the records from your doctor, but it is a good idea to bring them in case they need additional information from your health care provider.

A Photo Of Your Friends And Family

It is important to have something to make you feel at home in your treatment center. A photo of someone you love will motivate you to continue your treatment to the end. During those days that you feel like giving up, that picture of one or more members of your family will keep you going. You can also bring a photo of your friends to help you get through the depressing days where it feels like the treatment center is all you have.


Bring any toiletries that you will need for the detox session. It may include toothpaste or a toothbrush, hairbrushes and combs, contacts, glasses, soap, or body wash. Make sure to bring anything that will make you feel comfortable in this new environment.

A journal

Bring a journal to track your journey through the detox sessions. It is an important process, and you need to keep track of how you are feeling and what is happening during your time in the treatment center. You can also write down your thoughts and feelings from your time in the program so that you can look back on this journal when you leave for good. A journal will help you document everything that happens in the treatment center to reflect on those memories when you are done with the program. In conclusion, these are some of the things you can bring with you to a drug and alcohol detox center. Depending on the detox center, you will be permitted to bring a few items.

You should contact your addiction treatment facility or detox center for more information about what is allowed by law. All your belongings will be checked for contraband and dangerous items when you check in. If you are not a U.S. citizen, the detox center will help you get all the necessary documents. To get professional help for your addiction, call 833-610-1174.

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