What Kind of People Go to Rehabs in NJ?

Addiction does not discriminate. This is probably why all kinds of people from different walks of life find themselves in rehabs, in NJ. They include men and women of various age groups seeking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. You may even find clients who are as young as 18, married, single or come from good families. People who attend these treatment centers may come from upscale or low-income communities. Some are professionals, others may be industrial workers.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people in the US. Many of them may feel hopeless not knowing how to quit. Knowing addiction can happen to anyone can give you or your loved one the courage to find a rehab near you that offers addiction treatment. There are many benefits of seeking professional treatment, and studies show that it can reduce the chance of falling back into substance abuse.

What is the Purpose of Going to Rehab?

The main reason for checking into rehab is to get professional treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. You may hear of claims that you can self-treat and overcome substance abuse at home. But quitting cold turkey or using medication or other strategies to withdraw on your own, without medical supervision, can be dangerous to your health or life.

Instead, professional treatment at an inpatient or outpatient program can help you to safely withdraw and increase your chance of recovery. Treatment begins with detox to remove the drugs from your body. During this time, you will gradually taper off the addictive substance while being supervised by trained health professionals. Once you’re stabilized or no longer crave the substance, you can transition into therapy for treatment of mental health disorders that trigger substance abuse.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to be an effective method of helping clients overcome addiction and stay sober after rehab. It brings awareness to thoughts and behaviors that contribute to drug and alcohol abuse. Once you complete rehab, you will likely leave with a relapse prevention plan designed to help you manage substance abuse triggers. It may also guide you to lean on people in your support network for encouragement whenever you feel frustrated or tempted to return to drugs or alcohol.

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