What Is The Difference Between Residential and Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs?

When a person enters an addiction center for treatment, several levels of care are available to them. Residential care is the most intensive level available. It involves being in a facility 24 hours a day and receiving medical and psychiatric care. Outpatient care is intensive, but it allows the person receiving care to return home every day after receiving it. In most situations, those participating in an outpatient program can carry out their daily activities while mixing treatment into their schedule.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment can include long-term stays from 28 days to several months. During treatment, you live in a secure and safe location. Every day you are provided with intensive drug and alcohol treatment programs. This is the focus of your everyday activities. In residential treatment, daily life is structured. There is a schedule for when you wake up, go to therapy, and turn off the lights. One of the significant benefits of this treatment is that you are removed from stressful life situations, activities, and relationships that can trigger the desire to use substances. If you don’t have these negative influences in your daily life, you can focus all your energy on rebuilding the life skills you lost because of addiction. In a residential treatment program, you benefit from being part of a therapeutic family. There are trained professionals and other residents who support you and encourage you to stay focused on your recovery. For many people, this outpouring of empathy is vital in helping them break free from addiction.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment programs employ many similar approaches to residential treatment programs. But the structure of the environment is different. With an outpatient program, you have freedom of movement. Although this is not a part-time treatment, you can balance treatment with caring for your family, working, and attending school. Being able to go home after treatment means that you have more privacy.

You don’t have friends and family asking where you are. You don’t have to explain to them that you are going to rehab if you don’t want to. A significant challenge with outpatient programs is that you are not insulated from negative influences. You go home each night after treatment so that you can go back to your normal social life. It is up to you to voluntarily avoid alcohol and drug use. This takes vigilance and a lot of determination. When considering the difference between residential and outpatient treatment, remember that regardless of the treatment option you choose, you will still have support from professionals, counseling, and camaraderie. You will have to consider your personality and your circumstances when determining which one is right for you.

Making the Choice between Residential Treatment and Outpatient Treatment

When you decide on residential versus outpatient treatment, you are making a decision that will impact your recovery. It is good to discuss your decision with a qualified addiction counselor. They can help you find the most effective option. Some people start by attending outpatient programs. If they were not successful, they could transition to a residential option. It is understandable if the residential treatment makes you nervous because of round-the-clock care and being confined to a facility.

However, one significant advantage of residential treatment over outpatient treatment is that you have more medical and emotional support. Since you are disconnected from the outside world, you can focus all your energy on healing your mind and body. Taking a step towards recovery is a major decision. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. Talk to your physician, counselor, or a loving family member and express your concerns. Many facilities offer inpatient and outpatient programs. Contacting them can help alleviate some of your concerns and help you make a wise decision. The detoxing and recovery process is not the same for everyone.

Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t figure out everything independently. You want to ensure that you will receive professional guidance, be in comfortable facilities, and have access to tailored treatment plans that are right for your needs. Are you trying to decide between residential or outpatient care? Would you like some help identifying the available options? Let us help you. Contact us today at 833-610-1174.

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