What is the Cost of Rehab in New Jersey?

Rehab centers offer health care services that can vary from one center to another. Going to a rehab in New Jersey offers you benefits such as being able to recover in one of the top destinations for addiction treatment in the world, and you want to make sure that every aspect of your stay fits your needs. People naturally tend to be curious about the cost of rehab in New Jersey, since it is important to make sure that you can financially afford to complete your treatment. While you’ll receive many different answers to this question, you’ll find that it’s much more accurate to consider the various factors that impact your treatment.

Most people find that the estimated cost for their treatment can be very different when they get quotes from various centers, and it is possible that you might pay more or less than someone else who is in your exact same program. The reason for this is that no one’s care is completely the same. Here are a few of the factors that will go into the calculations for your final cost for rehab.

  • Residential Vs. Outpatient Care
  • Length of Your Program
  • Amenities Offered
  • Types of Treatment You Receive
  • Travel Expenses

Understanding the Factors That Influence Addiction Treatment Cost

One of the biggest factors that affects treatment cost is your level of care. Rehab centers offer inpatient stays that include a comprehensive package of lodging, meals and around-the-clock care that simply costs more than you would pay if you go home each day. While it might be cheaper to attend outpatient care, you’ll want to carefully consider the potential consequences of trying to cut costs here. If your treatment team recommends that you stay as an inpatient, there is a good reason. Some people simply need the security offered by inpatient programs to thrive in their sobriety. Combining inpatient and outpatient care is another option that you can use to make your treatment more affordable.

The length of your program also impacts the cost. Rehabs often offer several program options that range from a few weeks to several months. Naturally, attending a 30 day program will be less expensive than one that lasts for 90 days. This is another area where you may have to plan to spend a little more if you need intensive treatment. People who attend longer rehab stays have a greater chance of making it to their one year of sobriety milestone, especially when they have a severe addiction.

Each rehab program will also offer specific types of treatment. The majority of treatment centers offer services such as individual and group counseling. Yet, you might also find ones that offer special types of care, such as detox treatment, that might add on to your length of stay or add extra charges. For example, requiring medication-assisted treatment will add on the cost for your prescriptions. Once again, this is an area that you might need to view as a necessity, since any treatment your team recommends is likely to be for a good reason.

The amenities factor is one area where you might have some choice regarding how much you think a service is worth for helping your sobriety. Some rehabs are bare bones centers that still provide the essential comforts but don’t go overboard on special activities. Others seem more like a five-star resort with amenities that can include everything from gourmet dining to golf courses. The level of amenities that you need is up to you, but most people tend to choose a center that falls somewhere in between these two extremes.

Finally, you’ll need to remember that most people have some type of options for managing the costs of rehab, no matter how long or how fancy the program you choose might be. Health insurance providers cover at least some portion of the cost for rehab. You might also have opportunities for scholarships and grants to help cover the cost of your care, depending upon your financial standing and other personal qualities. While thinking about the cost of rehab is important, you don’t want it to cause you to delay enrolling in a program. When you factor in the biggest cost of allowing drugs or alcohol to rule your life, you can’t afford not to get sober.

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