What is FMLA and how does it work?

When you think about getting help for your addiction, it seems like too many barriers are in your way. You don\’t know what the right program is for your problem. You think staying away from the source of your addiction will be too hard. You are sure your family won\’t be able to get by without you.

No one will be taking care of your home. You\’re sure you can\’t be out of work for the amount of time it will take to become sober. The excuses keep piling up. A friend has told you FMLA can open the door for you. You need to find out what is FMLA and how does it work? FMLA, otherwise known as the Family and Medical Leave Act, provides you with 12 weeks of approved leave from your job while you seek medical treatment. Your leave will not be paid. However, your employer must hold your position for you if you have worked at least 1,250 hours during a 12-month period before you apply for FMLA.

You must be employed at your workplace for at least 12 months to qualify for FMLA. Your 12 months of employment do not need to be consecutive. Your workplace must employ at least 50 employees that are working within a radius of 75 miles of the site. The majority of jobs are eligible for FMLA as long as you have met the required number of hours and months in service to your employer.

FMLA Offers You the Give of Time

One of the biggest hurdles in recovery from addiction is having enough time to embrace sober living. You need more than a week of vacation time to turn away from the source of your addiction. You\’re going to take on one of the greatest challenges of your life when you walk away from addiction.

A rehab facility will provide you with the ideal location to remove yourself from anyone or anything that could lead you to temptation. An extended stay in a program of at least 30 days improves your chances of long-term recovery from addiction. Thanks to FMLA, you can have three months to focus on your recovery. FMLA also offers you peace of mind when you are assured you are protected by the federal government. Your employer cannot give your job away because you are battling addiction. This is your opportunity to grab hold of all the resources that are available for you on the journey to recovery. Twelve weeks may seem like an unreasonable amount of time.

However, you will discover they are a gift. Your treatment program may last 21 days or 60 days. It will depend on your personal situation, finances, and recommendations from your recovery team. Once you are released from your program, you will need time to adjust to the world outside your recovery program. You may even decide to try a sober living facility for at least 30 days before you go back to your old life.

Your 12 weeks will pass quickly as you take on the recovery process, from detox to group meetings. Your employer should be able to assist you in obtaining the proper forms to apply for FMLA. You can also ask your support system around you, such as your best friends or your loved ones, to help you get started. Once your leave is approved, you will have one more weight off your shoulders. You\’ll be able to stop thinking about the obstacles to treatment.

This is your chance to concentrate on moving forward as you step away from addiction. If you are ready to learn more about FMLA and how it can open the door to recovery, call us at 833-610-1174. Our representatives can point you toward programs and professionals who can help you. We can answer your questions. We\’re also good at listening. We aren\’t here to judge. Our mission is to help someone like you learn more about your options for recovery. We\’re reaching out a helping hand right now. It\’s time that you take it.

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