What Is Alcohol Detox Like?

Alcohol use disorder, or AUD, is the diagnosis of a person whose pattern of alcohol use leads to problematic concerns. Alcohol addiction can range from very mild to severe, depending on the number of symptoms you or the individual may have. The type of care you need will depend on where you happen to fall in that range. If you are addicted to alcohol, stopping cold turkey is not recommended. Not only are the symptoms terribly uncomfortable and often painful, but they can be life-threatening. This is why alcohol detox is important.

If you are an alcoholic or trying to get help for someone who is, you may be wondering what alcohol detox is like. Read on to find out more.

Understanding Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox will be the first step of treatment once you decide to get sober. When you stop drinking, depending on your physical dependence, you often start to develop withdrawal symptoms. These usually start between six and 24 hours from your last drink. They can even start when you still have some alcohol in your blood. These symptoms can include:

• Anxiety and depression
• Sleeping problems
• Changes in heart rate
• High blood pressure
• Shakiness
• Irritability
• Nausea
• Sweating
• Vomiting
• Dizziness

These symptoms will vary depending on how long you have been drinking and the severity of your addiction. A severe addiction can even cause you to suffer from hallucinations and delirium tremens, the latter being a life-threatening problem without proper treatment. If you or someone you know cannot stop drinking without feeling some or all of the above symptoms, then help from a reputable rehab is in order.

What to Expect During Alcohol Detox

Knowing what to expect when you go to alcohol detox will make the decision an easier one. Remember, detox is the first part of rehab in most cases. Alcohol detox is set up to get the alcohol out of your body safely, but rehab services are designed to keep you from drinking again. Just remember, never be ashamed about needing rehab to get over your addiction. Your loved ones will want you to get better the best way that you can.

The detox team will give you an initial exam to see what type of detox and support you need. You’ll talk about your drinking history, health, and any underlying mental health conditions you have. They will likely do blood work at this point.

From there you may be given medication that will help you with the withdrawal symptoms you are struggling with. The goal of detox is to get your body physically stable while the alcohol leaves your system. The detox team will keep a close eye on you during this period, and you will have your vitals checked regularly during the next few days. They will check your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing a few times per day to make sure your body is handling the detox.

If you are in an inpatient or residential treatment center, you’ll stay day and night while you go through the process. This is the best choice if your addiction is severe. If you have a slight addiction to alcohol, you may have success with an outpatient program. Your doctor will help you determine the best course of action for your situation and condition.

What Happens Next?

Alcohol detox is the very beginning of your new, sober life. This is the time to work hard towards getting sober while you have the help of professionals nearby. However, it’s just the beginning of the process. After detox, you’ll want to continue treatment by attending rehab. Rehab consists of private therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, holistic treatments, and aftercare services. You’ll learn how to deal with stressful situations without turning to alcohol use. This is a great time to set aside everything but yourself while you work on your addiction issues.

When rehab is through, you may be given the option of a room in a sober living home if you aren’t ready to go back to your normal lifestyle. You will have the chance to talk with your counselor about this particular step. If you decide it’s the right one for you, the rehab facility will help you find a bed in a local home.

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