What Information Will You Need To Provide To A Rehab Center In NJ Upon Admittance?

Substance abuse treatment has been enjoying tremendous support from governments, private investors, and other interested parties trying to kick out the global disease. Unfortunately, some victims of drug and alcohol addiction will continue to struggle with the disease as a way to protect their dignity, employment statuses, and careers. Confidentiality crisis and the stigma that surrounds addiction treatment remain significant barriers among individuals looking to seek treatment.

If you’ve already decided to get professional treatment for your dependency problem on drugs or alcohol, you might be wondering what kind of information the rehab center requires from you. Health care professionals need information about you and your life to gain a better understanding of you. This, in turn, helps in determining the best treatment program for you. We will walk you through some of the information rehab centers request upon admittance.

During the initial call

When selecting a rehab center of your choice, you are probably going to make a few calls inquiring about the facility’s services. An admissions representative on the other end of the call will ask for some information about you. All information provided should be confidential. The representative will ask you to provide some basic information about you, including your name, current address, employment status, and your date of birth.

He or she may also inquire about your drug or alcohol addiction history that may entail the following:

  • What drugs or substances have you been abusing?
  • How long have you been abusing substances?
  • Can you kindly explain how the habit started?
  • Do you have any other underlying or co-occurring mental and medical disorders currently?
  • Have you been admitted to a rehab facility before?

The information provided from this pre-intake process is critical to the addiction treatment center as it helps the representative understand if the rehab center is your best match. The information also determines if the facility will be in a position to help you further. As much as the questions might seem invasive, experts recommend being honest and open for assistance. Inaccurate and misleading information could deter your recovery process.

During intake

The rehab facility will ask you to visit the treatment center for an appointment with one of the health professionals once they determine you are an ideal candidate for the addiction treatment program. The intake process is quite lengthy as is revolves around medical and mental health assessments, filling in payment forms, and actual screening by your medical doctor.

The following are some of the forms required by the rehab upon admittance.

Personal information form
In this form, you are required to fill in your basic personal information such as your name, current address, sex, status, employment status, and age.

Physical exam form
You will be assigned to a medical doctor who will take a comprehensive medical exam. The examination determines your health status. You should be free from any communicable diseases before being admitted into rehab. Your doctor may ask about your medical history and any other relevant questions related to your health.

Family assessment form
Here, the rehab facility will ask you to fill out the family assessment form that gauges your personal relationships. In case anything happens to you, your family assessment form should have contact information of a family member you’d like the rehab to call. Anyone who you would love to feature in your family therapy sessions will feature in the forms. Your family history, make-up, and the environment is also important in determining the right treatment program for you.

Payment details
Lastly, is the payment information. The cost of addiction treatment programs mainly depends on the location of the facility, the type of funding the facility receives, and the desired and expected length of treatment. Public rehabs are slightly less pricey compared to their private counterparts. The addiction treatment center will ask you to feed in your insurance details before commencing treatment. The rehab representative will help you understand your costs at the rehab center, what your insurer is likely to cover, and how much you are expected to pay from your pocket. You may also want to confirm with your insurer if your policy covers for rehab services and expenses. Most rehab centers accept payment plans, cash, and insurance.

Information provided to the addiction treatment center is confidential and protected by the law and company policy. Have you been looking for an ideal rehab that will help you reclaim your life? Look no further. Call us today to set up an appointment with us at 833-610-1174.

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