What Effect Does Outpatient Drug Counseling Have on Relapse Rates?

Substance abuse can damage health, family relationships, career success, and more. It can crush hopes and dreams. Getting and staying clean and sober can be a challenge, and it is something that cannot be done on your own. Getting your life back from the grips of dependency requires help. Outpatient drug counseling is one of the options to help achieve and maintain sobriety.

Relapse rates with substance abuse are a very real concern. The more support there is, the less likely an individual is to slip from sobriety and continue back down into dependency again. That is what outpatient drug counseling helps to do- achieve and maintain a life free of substance dependency. However, you are wondering if it is the right answer for your case. What effect does outpatient drug counseling have on relapse rates?

Outpatient Drug Counseling Helps

In order to combat the likelihood of relapse, there needs to be a real system of structure and support in order to get away from substance dependency and to stay away from it. Outpatient counseling is well recognized as helping in the struggle against addiction and alcoholism. It provides structure and support that provide a framework to assist you or your loved one in attaining and maintaining a life free of dependency on substances.

With outpatient drug counseling, the risk of relapse is significantly decreased. The structure and support are there to both attain freedom from dependency as well as to maintain that freedom. That is because of several factors:

  • It helps you to recognize potential triggers that could prompt a relapse.
  • It provides support to stand strong against the temptation.
  • It offers a structure to address any possible slip in sobriety should one occur, so one does not simply \”fall off the wagon\” and stay stuck there.

If drug or alcohol dependency is harming you or a loved one, there is hope. There is a way out of the darkness that has been affecting your life. We are experts in addressing substance abuse issues, and we are always available to help get you started on the right path- toward a life not controlled by drugs or alcohol. Give us a call today at 833-610-1174, and one of our counselors can start the process.

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