What does heroin withdrawal feel like?

In America, heroin addiction has become headline news yet again. For decades now, this horrible illicit substance has been exacting a significant toll on people who fall victim to heroin\’s highly addictive nature. Even more problematic is the way the current heroin addiction epidemic is creating collateral damage in communities and homes from one end of the country to the next.

To get a better idea of just how insidious heroin is in the wrong hands, consider the fact that anyone who decides to finally stop abusing heroin is immediately going to be besieged by heroin withdrawal symptoms. It\’s worth noting that more than a few heroin addiction sufferers have started down the path towards a recovery from their heroin addiction only to abort the process because of severity of the withdrawal symptoms they were encountering. Imagine that. People actually start using heroin again because they can\’t bear the pain and discomfort that comes from not using the drug again.

You might ask, \”How bad can it possibly be to go through heroin withdrawal?\” First, you need to understand that the effects of withdrawal could vary by person based on the following criteria:

  • The depth of their addiction
  • The amount of time they have been abusing heroin
  • The amount of heroin they take in per dose
  • How often they feel the need to take a hit during any given day

In the worst of circumstances, heroin withdrawal has the potential to create permanent psychical/psychological issues, even death. That is why you have to take this topic seriously. Hopefully, the following discussion will give you a better idea of what to expect when you decide to say \”no more heroin.\”

What Does Heroin Withdrawal Feel Like?

As told by the millions of former heroin addiction suffers that have been willing to share about their addiction experiences, heroin withdrawal feels like going through a living hell. To get a better idea of that which they may be referring, take a look at these common heroin withdrawal symptoms:

  • Psychological issues like suicidal ideology, depression, and anxiety
  • Difficulty breathing normally
  • Significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Muscle cramping, especially in the stomach region
  • Inability to think coherently
  • Loss of motor function
  • Convulsions and tremors in the extremities
  • Nightmares and hallucinations that interrupt sleep patterns
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Keep in mind, these withdrawal symptoms would also be applicable to people who try to stop using prescription painkillers and fentanyl.

After looking at this list, is it easier to understand what former heroin addiction sufferers mean when they use the term \”living hell?\”

The good news is you don\’t have to endure any of the pain and discomfort associated with heroin withdrawal if you take the right precaution. What would that be? You would have a much better chance of getting past your heroin withdrawal symptoms with far less risk if you would be willing to place yourself in a medically monitored detox program. Such programs are available from either a dedicated detox facility or from a full-service addiction treatment center that offers detox services.

During the time you spend in a medically monitored detox program, your progress will be monitored 24/7 by the facility\’s medical staff. As long as you show no signs of pain or discomfort, they will let you detox as naturally as possible. It\’s only when you start to show signs of distress that the facility\’s doctor will step in and offer you prescription medication to alleviate painful symptoms. The goal of any reputable detox program is to get you past your withdrawal symptoms and residual cravings as safely as possible.

After detox, you can begin the journey of self-discovery. That journey will require you to work closely with your therapist in search of the causes of your addiction. The information you learn will form the basis of you learning the coping skills you will need to avoid potential relapses in the future.

While the thought of heroin withdrawal might be scary, it\’s far less of a problem than trying to stay alive as a heroin addiction sufferer. Our job is to help you handle both the detox process and get you firmly on the road to recovery from your heroin addiction. With one phone call to 833-610-1174, we can get you started on the treatment process.

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