What Are the Top Warning Signs That Your Spouse Is Struggling with Addiction?

When you marry your spouse, you promise to stick with them through sickness and health. However, whoever said that probably didn\’t marry someone with an addiction problem. Not only is addiction bad on the psyche and health of the user, but it\’s bad for your relationship, too. If there is a problem, you want to resolve it as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Here are 6 warning signs that your spouse is struggling with addiction.

1. Missing Money

Drugs and alcohol cost money. If you notice that your partner is taking out cash or paying people through digital platforms such as Zelle or PayPal, they could be using the money to support their habit. In extreme cases, your partner may even \”forget\” to pay the bills some months and buy substances instead. The worst part is that those same substances could prevent people from going to work and advancing their career, prohibiting them from making money for themselves.

2. Lack of Sex Drive

It\’s normal for a couple to not have sex as much as they used to when they were younger. However, if you continue to initiate intimacy with no success, you may want to consider a chemical reason. Many substances are known to reduce desire in the user. In many cases, the user will not be able to rise to the occasion. This is especially telling if your partner is still young and previously had a very strong sex drive. Getting some help may not only improve your significant other\’s health, but it could also improve your connection with each other.

3. Isolation

Some people don\’t want to get caught using. These people may choose to isolate themselves. They may disappear for days at a time. They may even choose to live somewhere else than your marital bedroom. This gives them the chance to use without getting yelled at. Obviously, this will cause a rift in the relationship. It\’s hard to maintain closeness when you don\’t see your significant other. Many times, this behavior can be mistaken for cheating. Or, your partner could be using and cheating. Either way, if your spouse isn\’t coming home at night, it\’s time to get to the bottom of it.

4. Change in Temperament

Drugs and alcohol can change a person\’s personality after time. It can be different while the person is using, but it can even affect a person when they become sober again. This can be problematic since most people marry someone at least partially because of their original personality. Even worse, the substances can change someone\’s temperament for the worse. It can make someone angry or depressed. In certain cases, it can even alter someone forever. If you notice a serious change, it could be due to the items they are ingesting.

5. Poor Appearance

People who spend all their time in an alternative mind space aren\’t able to focus on the basics of life, such as showering and brushing their teeth. You may notice that your spouse isn\’t wearing clean clothes, and they aren\’t taking care of their hygiene. Your partner may even gain or lose a lot of weight. Finally, you may even notice missing teeth or scabs on the skin. Even alcohol can turn the skin yellow and contribute to wrinkles. This will affect your physical attraction to your significant other, which may only contribute to any sexual problems brought on by drugs and alcohol.

6. Physical Symptoms

The main reason that people shouldn\’t do drugs and alcohol is because it can severely affect people\’s health. Drugs and alcohol eat at the internal organs, taking years off a person\’s life. It may not be extremely obvious at first. However, soon, you may notice that your partner isn\’t able to keep up like they were once able to. They may also seem to be aging exponentially. Before you know it, your significant other may find out that they have heart problems or other organ failure.

In extreme cases, the addict may even die. Just one warning sign doesn\’t necessarily mean that your partner is an addict. However, you may want to open your eyes if many of these selections sound painfully familiar. If you do suspect something, look into recovery centers in your area to get your significant other the help they need before it\’s too late for your marriage. Call us today at 833-610-1174.

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