What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Sober Living?

A sober living house is an environment for those who are transitioning out of drug rehab programs and need to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is always difficult even if someone has successfully completed an addiction treatment program, so sober living houses are intended to provide a support system for patients until they are healthy enough to be in the \”real world\” without falling back on old habits.

Your own experience in sober living will almost certainly be easier than an inpatient rehab program, but you still need to know what to expect from it. With that being said, here are some of the more important things to know about sober living.

It\’s Not a Halfway House

Sober living houses are often confused with halfway houses. While both sober living houses and halfway houses both serve similar functions, there is a difference between the two. Sober living houses are intended to provide a sober environment for those who recently completed addiction treatment, while halfway houses are for convicts who need time to adjust to life outside of prison. Both provide structure for those who need an adjustment period before they can move on with their lives on their own, but sober living houses don\’t carry the stigma that halfway houses sometimes have.

They Provide Much More than a Sober Environment

Although sober living houses do provide an environment free from alcohol and drugs, it takes more than that for many people to recover from an addiction. That\’s why they also provide things such as 12 step programs and staff members to provide assistance should you need it.

It is a Highly Structured Environment

Even though those in sober living have completed their addiction treatment, they will still need structure if they are to remain clean. Sober living houses provide that structure not just in the form of meetings and other activities, but by requiring residents to pay rent and maintain a schedule.

Recovery from Addiction is Ongoing

Sober living houses operate under the notion that nobody is every truly free of their addictions. When someone reaches the point where they need rehab, their habits and their addiction has taken over their life. They need the structure of a sober living house or ongoing therapy to essentially relearn how to live without their drug of choice. It\’s something that takes years, possibly an entire lifetime, and few people can do it alone.

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