Would You Rather Attend a Public or Private Rehab in NJ?

Deciding on the right treatment center is a life and death decision. Though you are responsible for your recovery, you will need educated, dedicated staff and a healing environment to render you the tools to maintain lifelong recovery. When you are presented with the choice of either a public or private treatment center, you might be conflicted.

Public treatment centers are government funded; therefore, clients can attend at a low or no cost. Long waits to be admitted are inevitable of their low or no cost. If you must wait a while to be admitted into treatment, you are more likely to second-guess yourself and/or become intimated, so you may change your mind about going to treatment. The major issue with public treatment centers are their quality of treatment. The counselors may not be as experienced or as educated as those who are hired by a private rehab center. Private treatment centers are known for their amenities that facilitate a holistic approach to treatment; most public treatment centers lack those amenities. The reason behind public treatment centers delivering lower quality treatment is their lack of incentive and competitive drive because they will always be adequately funded and have low or no costs.

Private treatment centers are typically people’s schema of a luxury rehab center. Because they are strictly client-funded, they have incentive and competitive drive. They provide high-quality treatment to maintain a positive reputation and drive more clients to them. They are selective in the counselors that they hire, use experiential therapies (e.g. art therapy, music therapy, nature therapy, animal therapy, etc.), and provide amenities (e.g. better meals, gym, and apartment style living quarters). Their only downfall is higher cost than public treatment centers.

Which Type of Treatment Center is Better?

You would rather go to a private treatment center than a public treatment center. Private treatment centers tend to have higher success rates than public treatment centers. However, that does not mean that every private treatment center is high-quality and that every public treatment center is low-quality. The quality of the facility depends on the specific center. Private treatment centers typically have better staff and amenities due to their need for a constant influx of clients to stay in business. Though private treatment centers cost more, the gift of recovery is worth the cost. There is financial aid available if you wish to attend a private treatment center but cannot afford the cost. Remember that no matter which type of treatment center you choose, it will work if you work it.

Seacrest Recovery is a private treatment center that is located by the ocean in Eatontown, New Jersey. They also have another location in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their treatment program that consists of three phases.
• Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
• Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
• Outpatient (OP)

If you are interested in starting your new life with them, call them today at (833) 762-3765

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