More About Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

The choice to engage with a drug and alcohol treatment program is the right one when you are struggling with an addiction. No one starts out as an addict, and an addiction to drugs or alcohol can happen much quicker than most people realize. If and when it does, professional treatment is an important stepping stone to a lifetime of health and sobriety. You may be wondering about the drug and alcohol treatment centers near you. What are the differences? What can you expect? What types of therapy sessions will I attend? Let’s answer some of these questions and more below.

Two Different Treatment Options

There are two main treatment options available for drug and alcohol programs. These are:

• Residential rehab
• Outpatient rehab

Both are different, yet both serve similar purposes. Let’s break them both down to learn more.

Residential rehab- Residential, or inpatient, rehab is a 24/7 commitment on your part. It will require you to take time away from your job, school, and/or family to live onsite for a specific period of time. If you are looking for a place that will take you away from your everyday lifestyle for the next few weeks to a few months, then a residential program will be a perfect fit. You’ll receive detox services, varied therapy sessions, and holistic activities that will cater to your specific recovery needs. You’ll enjoy the start of your recovery in a monitored, structured place. Residential rehab is usually suggested for people who need to step away from the stresses and triggers of daily life.

Outpatient- Outpatient centers are better for patients who are not able to give up their daily responsibilities, such as work or school. This type of program permits patients to schedule therapy sessions whenever it is convenient for them, either in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Patients with a strong support system in their home life will do better in an outpatient center than those who are triggered by everyday events. Many patients attend outpatient therapy sessions once they are done with a residential stay.

Residential treatment is always the more intense type of drug and alcohol rehab, offering multiple sessions of therapy per day. Outpatient programs will vary in how many hours of treatment you will receive, and you may choose to only receive therapy sessions once per day. Ultimately, the place you choose should cater to your needs specifically and easily.

What Happens in Drug and Alcohol Programs

Let’s break down what you can expect during drug and alcohol programs.

Detox services- Most, but not all, drug and alcohol programs offer an initial detox service. You’ll find that most residential centers provide detox for all patients. Some centers offer a medically-supervised detox program that allows patients to take certain medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms. These often include Suboxone and Methadone. Talk to the center you are interested to learn more.

Group therapy- Group therapy sessions will be a big part of both residential and outpatient programs. Talking with your peers is a great way to bond over what you have been through, along with your fears, hopes, dreams, and worries. In some residential facilities, group therapy is offered two to three times per day. Group therapy sessions are led by a professional therapist or psychiatrist who will lead the group in thoughtful and productive meetings.

Dual diagnosis therapy- If you are struggling with an addiction AND a mental health disorder, you will be given dual diagnosis therapy. Mental health conditions may include severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. You’ll receive treatment for your mental health issue alongside your addiction when this is the case.

Family therapy- Many rehabs offer family therapy sessions once a patient has detoxed. This is a wonderful time to start building family relationships back, especially if you have children that are affected by your drug or alcohol use. Family therapy sessions will always be overseen by a professional therapist or psychiatrist.

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