Is It Possible to Make Volunteering Part of My Treatment at Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey?

If you are in drug treatment or are considering it, you may be wondering about how you will spend your time. Many clients wonder if it is possible to make volunteering part of their treatment when they are at a drug rehab center in New Jersey. The answer will depend on a number of factors, so read on to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Why Volunteer at All?

First of all, why should you consider volunteering while you are in recovery? After all, you are there to work on yourself, right? One of the main reasons is because of the time you will spend in the center. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may be spending anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or more at the center. While the New Jersey treatment center will be keeping you busy during your stay, there will still be downtime that you will have to fill. It’s easy to start falling back into your old thoughts and habits when you aren’t busy, so spending time as a volunteer can help keep your mind off of things.

Volunteering During Treatment

While it will likely depend on the actual drug treatment center you are in, you may be given the opportunity to volunteer during your time there. If you are able to, the center will likely wait until you are completely detoxed from whatever substances you were on. There may also be a certain time limit you must meet in order to be eligible for volunteer services. For example, your drug rehab center may require that their clients complete half of their stay before being eligible for volunteering.

Another way you may be eligible to volunteer is if you are a repeat client of the center. If you have already been there once, the staff and doctors will know your strengths and weaknesses. They may be quicker to place you in a volunteer position if they already know you. Some of the positions you may be eligible to volunteer for are:

•Cooking duties
•Cleaning duties

You may also be able to help set up and tear down tables and chairs for group meetings, or set up common rooms for special activities.

If you are interested in volunteering while you are in rehab, talk to your counselor about available opportunities. When you are ready to take charge of your addiction, give us a call at 833-610-1174.

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