Is It Possible To Just Go To Detox Over A Long Weekend?

Time is valuable, and you’ll quickly learn during your recovery that every minute you spend on treating your addiction is worth it. It is possible to go to detox over a long weekend. For many people, the worst detox symptoms hit during the first three days. Having support during this time helps you to avoid giving in to your body’s last ditch efforts to get you to give it the chemicals it has grown accustomed to having in its system.

The staff at your detox program will know how to help you stay calm when you are dealing with uncomfortable symptoms. They’ll also reassure you that you are safe by checking on your overall health throughout the process. Although a detox program may be short, a lot happens during those first few days that help to pave the way for the rest of your sobriety. You’ll typically receive some degree of counseling during the detox phase of your treatment. You’ll talk to your treatment team about your history with drugs and alcohol. They may ask you questions about your past and current life circumstances.

If you’re ready, you can even talk to your counselors about what led up to your need for detox treatment. While a great deal of early detox is spent focusing on managing your physical symptoms, you can also begin to work on your mental health. A large amount of progress can be achieved in a long weekend, but you’ll need to remember that only so much can happen in three days. The majority of people who require detox will also need to attend some form of addiction treatment for a longer period of time to dive deeper into what causes them to misuse drugs and alcohol.

Start Planning for Your Recovery After Detox

If it is hard to think beyond detox, then that is okay. Just accepting that you have a need for help is a big step. You’ll also find that your detox care team can help you begin thinking about the next phase of your treatment. As the fog from your withdrawal symptoms begins to lift, you’ll find it easier to think about these things that you’ll want to do to avoid being in this position again.

  • Seek extended treatment
  • Treat any underlying mental health conditions
  • Ask your loved ones for support
  • Assess your current diet and exercise plan
  • Find new hobbies to occupy your time

The amount of time that you’ll need for addiction treatment can vary according to factors such as how much you use drugs or alcohol. Some people need to spend only a few days or weeks in inpatient treatment. Other people may need longer to feel strong enough to go home. Outpatient care is another option that you can choose from if you don’t have the ability to stay in a treatment facility for a long time.

After your weekend detox, you’ll want to pick some form of treatment to help you learn how to manage your triggers and cravings. Talking to counselors and learning how other people handle their addiction gives you insight into the things that you can do at home to stay sober. Your time in detox and addiction treatment is also the perfect opportunity to start taking care of your mental health. Your addiction might have developed due to you trying to mask your symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

If you suspect that you have a mental health condition, then a diagnosis can help you to develop a plan for dealing with your symptoms in healthier ways. Identifying what contributes to your addiction makes it possible to achieve a long-term recovery by developing strategies that help you overcome any challenges that come your way. You’ll also want to plan to have support for when you come home. Find some sober friends and family members who are willing to encourage you to stick to your treatment plan. Then, start making lifestyle changes that can help your body and mind begin to heal. Eating healthier foods, exercising and planning fun activities that keep your mind off of drugs and alcohol are all important things to do when you get home from either a weekend detox or longer program.

Once you make your plan, remember to stay flexible. Addiction recovery is a learning process, and you may need to adjust your plans as it is needed to help you stay sober. Are you looking for an effective way to detox from drugs and alcohol? If so, give us a call today at 833-610-1174. We’ll help you find a program that fits your schedule.

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