Is being too busy for rehab just an excuse?

Whether you\’re using legal or illegal drugs, you may be under a great deal of time pressure and stress. For example, you may be the sole caregiver for children or the sole breadwinner for your family. However, delaying your entry into rehab could lead to legal problems and may put your family at risk. Is being too busy for rehab just an excuse? Yes.

Imagine that you are arrested for driving under the influence or possession. In that case, you would have to find time for talking to your attorney and attending court. Instead of struggling to find the time and resources to deal with court, you would be much better served to find the time to go to rehab.

Building a Base for a Better Life

Discuss your concerns with your doctor so they can help you find the most effective facility for your needs. Once you have a target facility to enter, reach out to that organization to schedule a time to at least undergo an assessment.

Your next step will be to reach out to your employer and get the time off that you need to enter treatment. While discussing this, find out what your insurance coverage options are. Your HR department is bound to protect your privacy; consider looking for a 12-step group that you can lean on prior to entering treatment if you need to talk. Do not discuss your plans to enter rehab at work, even if you completely trust a co-worker. You will have enough to deal with after rehab without being forced to connect with co-workers on the challenges you\’ve been through. If you are concerned about the cost of rehab, do take the time to compare it to the cost of drug use before you shut down the idea of going to treatment.

If you have children, it\’s time to reach out to a trusted caregiver. This may mean reaching out to a parent or family member if you don\’t have a co-parent you can rely on. Do be aware that there are outpatient treatment centers that allow you to bring an infant. Finally, look for an outpatient treatment center that you can attend while your child goes to daycare or to school.

Entering rehab at a convenient time is seldom feasible. Too often, those who need to enter rehab are pushed into the process because they have hit a crisis point. Act on that crisis to help you push through the fight that is detox before you do the work of treatment and rehab.

The first step to rehab is detox. Never attempt detox at home alone or in the company of a supportive loved one. First of all, detox can be fatal and you\’re trying to build a better life, not end your existence. Secondly, detox can be agonizing. What you say and what you do to the folks helping you through detox will probably not be good for your relationship. Finally, you may physically lash out and damage your caregiver.

Both in-patient and out-patient rehab programs also offer group and individual therapies. Functionally, once you get through detox you are simply an addict who is not using. Building skills to help you reach for other tools besides drugs and alcohol is the work of rehab and treatment. Individual counseling can help you determine where you are in terms of your current mental health and group counseling can help you function better in community.

You cannot get the support you need after detox in the same social circle and set of relationships that you were in before detox. They don\’t have the skills and you don\’t have the capacity to ask for a different form of help. If you\’ve been managing anxiety with alcohol or depression with amphetamines, you will need better therapies and may require medications. Only rehab and treatment can provide you with those tools and the time to start is as soon as possible.

Your future should not be put off. Before you face legal challenges, job loss, family damage or jail time, look for a rehab that can support you right now. We can help, call now 833-610-1174.

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