Is a New Jersey Treatment Center Like a Break from Real Life?

When you make the choice to check into a treatment center, it is time to congratulate yourself. The decision to attend rehab for your addiction is not one you have likely made lightly, so it is important to recognize it for the achievement that it is. You may be wondering what your rehab stay will be like for the next few weeks or months. Is a New Jersey treatment center like a break from real life? What should you expect after you sign up for an inpatient stay? Read on to learn what you can expect when you check yourself into rehab.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

One of the first choices you will have to make is whether you want to go to an inpatient or an outpatient rehab to get clean. An inpatient rehab gives you the chance to get away from your responsibilities, family, and friends. You’ll stay in the facility day and night for a certain amount of weeks. An outpatient facility gives you the choice to work around a schedule if you cannot commit to overnight stays. You’ll attend rehab for a number of hours during the day or night but will return to your regular lifestyle afterward.

If you are looking to take a break from your real life, experts strongly recommend heading to an inpatient rehab in New Jersey instead of an outpatient clinic. You’ll have to put your adult responsibilities on hold, if you happen to have them, when you choose this option. If you work or go to school, you will need to talk to your boss or advisor to see if you can take a break. However, inpatient rehab services are often the best choice if you are heavily into drugs or alcohol, especially if you need medication to safely come off of your addiction.

Getting a Break from Real Life

Many experts agree that an inpatient rehab center is helpful when you need a break from real life. In some cases, you will be encouraged to give it a couple of weeks before you even communicate with friends and family outside of the facility. This is because it is important for you to focus on yourself during this time. Being able to put aside the stresses of life that may be causing you to use drugs or alcohol in the first place is an important part of therapy.

Once you are in rehab for a couple of weeks, your therapist may start encouraging you to talk to your family members and friends. It should be a slow process, especially if your relationships have been strained by your addiction. However, it will be important in the long run to start repairing the relationships in your life as soon as you feel ready for it.

Rehab will also give you a break from responsibilities that make you feel as though you have to drink or use drugs. For example, you may have a stressful job that causes you to drink most days. Maybe your school load is so heavy that you need illegal substances to get through. Rehab will help you put your addictions into perspective. You’ll talk with your counselors and therapists about your stress and how you can deal with it once you are out of rehab. You’ll learn how to deal with your problems and issues in a more productive and less harmful way.

What to Expect

Expect to leave some of your past behind when you enter rehab, at least for a little bit. This is a time for you to focus on yourself without the worries of the real world clouding your thoughts. There is no better time to be selfish! Every day in rehab can be another day that you don’t have to worry about work, school, and other responsibilities in your life. It’s a time to focus solely on your health, both physically and mentally. Be as open as you can with your therapists during one-on-one sessions, and make sure you talk often during group therapy.

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