If I Can\’t Afford Drug Rehab, Will They Take My Insurance?

Breaking an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be difficult, but the rewards far outweigh any cost that one might incur. The liberation that becoming sober can bring to family and personal relationships is phenomenal. If you or someone close to you is struggling under the bond of drug or alcohol addiction, it is time to get professional help. You might understandably be concerned about the cost associated with drug rehabilitation centers. Many people may not even be able to afford it out of pocket, but there is hope. Thanks to recent advanced in legislation relating to medical insurance, most people today can get the help that they need and it will be covered by their existing policy.

Look for Mental Health Coverage

The key to you receiving coverage for your upcoming addiction treatment is to have a health insurance policy that includes coverage for mental health issues. Thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, and the corresponsding Mental Health Parity Coverage Act, insurance companies must treat mental illness as any other type of physical illness. This means that you will not be asked to pay more for your stay at a drug rehab center. If you have a $30 copay for doctor’s visits, that is what you should expect to pay when you visit an addiction counselor.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

There are a few questions that you can ask your insurance provider today in order to prepare for your upcoming rehab visit. They include:

  • Will my rehab pay for inpatient and outpatient detox treatment? Because of the Affordable Care Act, most insurance providers will cover you or your loved one for the entire treatment program. Ask your provider for any exclusions to the policy.
  • What is my copay? Nearly every insurance policy will have some type of copay. Inquire what yours will be so that you can be prepared.
  • Will my insurance cover prescription medication? When coming off the effects of an addition to drugs or alcohol, there may be some physical symptoms of withdrawal that need to be dealt with. Medication will make this much easier, so knowing ahead of time what your costs will be can help ease any impending anxiety.

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