How To Stop Drinking, The Right Way?

For many, the periodic enjoyment of an alcoholic beverage serves as a relaxing social outlet. However, in others, said vice grows more pronounced and becomes quite difficult to stop even when the imbibing subject realizes they need to cut back.

Unfortunately, one does not need to be a full-fledged alcoholic to feel the adverse impacts of chronic alcohol usage. Fortunately, however, said individuals might avoid such fates should they learn the most appropriate stoppage measures.

Dangers Of Continued Drinking

Medical researchers have found that continued moderate alcohol intake over extended periods could result in serious health consequences.

The consumption of as little as three drinks per day over a duration of just a few years could eventually weaken the imbiber\’s:

  • Liver
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Digestive tract
  • Mental health
  • Cognitive functions
  • Hormonal balances

Additionally, alcohol use often increases over time because the substance carries significant addictive properties. The drug impacts the brain and renders said central nervous system organ\’s cells more dependent on it. As intake continues, the brain grows so reliant on the chemical that it requires greater concentrations to function properly.

Once any level of addiction sets in, dependents will also likely experience varying presentations and degrees of withdrawal symptoms. At the least, these occurrences are bothersome and untoward. In the most serious instances, said events could prove dangerous and life-threatening.

The Reasons Stopping Often Proves Challenging

Alcohol\’s additive capabilities are far from the only reason the drug typically proves difficult to stop. The drug is:

Readily Available

Alcohol can usually be purchased on literally every street corner. Even the smallest towns and villages often house at least one bar and liquor store, in addition to several gas stations and convenience retail establishments where staples like wine and beer can be obtained.

Relatively Inexpensive

When compared to the well-known designer drugs, alcohol is a relatively cheap option. Wine, beer, and even some liquors can be purchased for inexpensive dollar amounts.

Legal For Most Individuals

In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21. Therefore, those that age or older and not visibly intoxicated can legally purchase and be served alcohol without incident. Moreover, when age regulations or responsible parenting is not strictly supervised by upstanding adults, alcohol is easily accessible to underage subjects.

Socially Acceptable

While other forms of drug use are typically scorned, alcohol use is widely accepted and even celebrated. Numerous advertisements often tout drinking as a viable action. Furthermore, the undertaking frequently occurs in social settings, such as family gatherings, professional meetings, and public happenings like sporting events.

Tips To Stop Drinking The Right Way

Analyze The Situation

Researchers and healthcare providers maintain the first critical step in curbing or stopping one\’s drinking habit is to analyze certain key issues.

First, one must determine how much they drink. Consuming more than one or two drinks per day could quickly grow problematic on numerous levels. Additionally, imbibers are implored to be honest with themselves regarding the reasons why they engage in such behavior.

Identify More Productive Outlets

Heavy drinkers might reduce or completely cease said vice by identifying and partaking in more productive activities. Certain notable suggestions include exercising, engaging in mind-stimulating hobbies, performing various breathing and relaxation techniques, or committing oneself to any other initiatives requiring serious focus.

Commit To An Overall Healthy Lifestyle

Occasionally, breaking questionable, possibly hazardous habits become more manageable when one creates new, healthy routines. In addition to limiting or eliminating one\’s intake of alcohol and other chemicals, optimal lifestyle habits include:

  • Consuming a nutritious, balanced diet
  • Keeping the body properly hydrated with water and other beneficial liquid products
  • Obtaining adequate rest
  • Socializing

Above all, limiting stress is crucial. Even the most seemingly innocuous alcohol consumption often occurs to combat stressful circumstances. Unfortunately, eradicating all forms of stress often proves impossible. That said, curbing tension or finding positive coping methods is typically crucial to not employing booze for such purposes.

Make Environmental Alterations

In many instances, the stricken individual\’s surrounding environment contributes to or worsens one\’s alcohol habit. Ergo, recognizing this fact is paramount to overcoming said vice. Those struggling with any level of alcohol dependency should carefully examine:

  • If they drink around certain people more than others
  • Do certain individuals encourage such behavior
  • Do specific hangouts or haunts precipitate one\’s desire to drink
  • What personal, professional, or social circumstances render them more willing and able to drink

Fortunately, when viewed honestly, these questions can be easily answered followed by the appropriate changes.

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