How To Encourage a Loved One To Call a Drug Hotline

Sometimes a loved one like a friend or family member doesn\’t know they have a serious problem. Or maybe they just need a gentle push in the right direction from the right person. Some ways to encourage a loved one to call a drug hotline are included here.

Encouraging Self-Love

This is important because a person who has an addiction doesn\’t love themselves enough. They\’ve proven this by letting themselves slide downhill into negativity. Treat them like they\’re human and explain the importance of their own life. They must take care of they\’re physical health because this will affect their mental, emotional and spiritual health. Their addiction will only make their life worse and spiral out of control.

Motivate them to love themselves with:

  • A positive attitude
  • Inspiring words
  • Utilize realistic expectations
  • Educate them on their issue and the amazing benefits of helping themselves

Admitting a Problem Exists

A person can only fix a problem if they admit there\’s something wrong with them. Explain to your loved one exactly what they\’ve been doing that\’s harmful to themselves and others. Do this in a loving way without judgment. This is a time when addicts need unconditional love the most. Maybe they didn\’t have good parents. They could have been abused or bullied at some point in their lives and this is what made them turn to drugs or alcohol.

Getting Useful Help

People who answer a drug hotline are trained to handle addicts effectively. Kindly tell your loved one there\’s nothing to fear. There are people who care about their problems and genuinely want to help. Let them know they don\’t need to fear the unknown in this case. This is a time when things will likely only get better, not worse.

Benefits of Calling

Your loved one needs to know specific benefits of calling a drug hotline. Make it clear that this will make their life easier because they\’ll be more positive. They\’ll be able to live in a more peaceful manner plus they\’ll be able to have fun again in a healthy way.

Remember to have patience when telling someone what they need to hear. They may be so low that they don\’t want to listen. Be strong, continue to love them unconditionally and never give up on their lives. We can help, call now (833) 762-3765

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