How To Deal With A Drug Addict Son

Addiction comes with a lot of negativity, judgment, and disdain. It\’s often difficult to know what is true and what is a myth when the subject of addiction comes up. Everyone\’s drug addiction experience is different, and what works for one family won\’t work for another.

When it is your son who is a drug addict, it\’s important to have family and friends on your side. Your son is not a bad person at all, and you are not a bad parent. If you are wondering how to deal with a drug-addicted son, take a look at this article. We hope we can provide you with valuable information about addiction and what you can do.

What can I do to help my child?

Many parents make the mistake of trying to be everything to their son: parent, friend, therapist, and doctor. Unfortunately, you can only do so much for your son if he is addicted to drugs. You\’re likely extremely exhausted, hurt, and worried all hours of the day and night as it is. Being the parent of an addict can be completely overwhelming at times.

The best way to help your son overcome his addiction is by gently asking him if he will consider professional treatment. Don\’t be surprised if he is resistant at first. He may still be in a lying and manipulative stage which is a very common behavior of a drug addict. Try not to take his behavior personally.

Your approach should be as gentle as possible when you bring up the idea of rehab. You never want to sound angry or disappointed in your son. While he may not warm up to the idea of rehab right away, planting the seed in his head just may help weeks or months from the time you mention it. For now, make sure he is aware of how much you love him and want him to get help.

Your son may be lying and stealing from you to support his habit. He may also demand money or valuables from you. The best way to help him is to tell him no. Keep your valuables locked up at all times, and keep a close eye on your cash and credit cards. Don\’t let him manipulate you into giving him money. While it may be difficult to say no to your own child, it is important to set boundaries.

Understand his addiction as much as possible

If you have never dealt with addiction before, you likely are unaware of how your son is feeling. It\’s also easier for him to take advantage of you if you are easily manipulated or naturally confrontational. Start reading up about the disease of addiction. Check out trusted sources to arm yourself with knowledge about the disease. The more you know, the harder it will be for your son to manipulate you. Make sure to share everything you have learned with other family members.

It\’s quite easy to find yourself in argument after argument when you have a child addict. While it\’s easier said than done, try to avoid engaging in arguments as much as you can. Confrontational behavior can and will push your son even further away. Many addicts do what they can to provoke negative and harmful reactions from others as a way to take the focus off of their own issues. Avoid this tactic by staying as far away from confrontation as you can.

There are a few things you should never say to your son if he is addicted to drugs. You don\’t want to issue any ultimatums or bribe him to go into rehab. Never tell your son that they just need to pull themselves together and get over the addiction or that it\’s easy to quit. He needs to know that you don\’t think he is a bad person and that you will always love him no matter what. A reliable drug counselor can help you understand what you should and shouldn\’t say to your son.

Reach out for help today

It\’s often hard not to unload your worries and frustrations onto your son. Instead of making the situation worse, talk to our trained professionals instead. We understand what you are going through and can give you some ideas on what to do next. Call today at 833-610-1174 to take the next step for your son and his addiction. You\’ll be ready to get him here when he finally decides he needs the help when you call ahead to learn more.

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