How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

Once you\’ve been through the work of detox and are working through treatment, moving into a sober living home for additional support can greatly increase your chance of long-term success. However, there will be a fee per month during your time at a sober living facility. It is critical that you find a sober living home with caregivers that have experience with the drugs that you have struggled with. You may also need additional support, either for physical ailments or for any underlying mental health conditions.

Will a Stint in Sober Living Be Worth It?

One of the best things about time in a sober living facility is that you can start back into the world slowly. You can work outside the housing facility with approval and earn some cash to cover the monthly fee. You will also have access to counselors and therapists who can help you

  • manage stress
  • overcome boredom
  • reconnect with old family members and friends

Time in a sober living home will also provide you with structure. You will need to participate in chores to keep the house livable. You may be encouraged to cook food for yourself and your fellow clients. Your time in a sober living facility may also help to show you just how important it is that you stay the course.

Even when you\’ve gotten past the physical urge and craving for the drug, you will still have to manage the emotional and psychological need for the release you initially experienced when you used mood-altering products in the first place. The risk of relapse will lessen when you see others succeeding.

It will also be driven home just how important it is that you stick with your program when you see other clients suffer a relapse. Learning to find relaxation and satisfaction in life without any toxic substances will take time. A quality sober living facility can help you find new paths to a happy, healthy life. Addiction can do a lot of damage to family relationships. If you are estranged from your spouses, haven\’t seen your children in a while, or no longer speak to your parents, it is possible to get help reaching out and reconnecting.

You may have been relying on family and friends to finance your life while you used. Knowing that you have a job that is helping to pay for quality treatment can be incredibly powerful and give you a lot of confidence. Your former social circle may have orbited around drugs and alcohol. Those friendships are no longer healthy, nor should those connections be re-established in the early days of your recovery. You will learn new coping skills in sober living. You can also learn how to get along with different folks on a much healthier level.

Finding your new normal can be as slow or as quick as you wish. Your sober living counselors may encourage you to enjoy art therapy, exercise, and cooking classes to build up your skills for living on your own again. As you work your way through these classes, you may also be able to build new connections and friendships with your fellow clients.

Making new connections that aren\’t around using drugs or drinking may be a challenge, but these friendships can go a long way toward helping you find community back in the world. Sober living programs can also help you learn to better manage conflict. Everyone has their personal level of tidy. You will have to learn to function in a shared space, such as the kitchen or a lounge. You may need to share a bedroom or a bath. Any of these shared spaces and activities can lead to conflict, which you will need to manage drug-free. Look for a sober living facility that forces you to reach out, play and work well with others. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-610-1174.

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