How long is rehab for substance use disorders?

Are you facing an addiction issue? Then you should check into a rehab facility near you. The thought of treatment may be intimidating since you’ll wonder what people will think and the time it will take to get treated.

Drug and Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Addiction is unique for each person. There are basic treatment options that you can choose depending on your specific needs, and they include:

• 30-day program
• 60-day program
• 90-day program
• Extended programs

As you choose a program, you must focus on what will yield a high chance of recovering from drug abuse. Most addicted individuals may need to undergo treatment for at least three months for them to become sober. After that, the rehabilitation facility professionals will help formulate a plan to help with continued recovery.

The Treatment Process for Substance Abuse Disorders

The degree of addiction will vary from one person to another. As you begin your treatment, there is the need to have realistic expectations. Your body chemistry will be altered when you partake in drug and substance abuse. The wiring in your brain will also change since you’re now dependent on drugs. Thus, the treatment process and attaining long-term sobriety will take considerable time. You need to be patient with yourself and accept the treatment process. At the end of it all, you’ll attain long-term sobriety.

We have listed different types of programs above, each of which has different benefits.

The Advantages of the 30-Day Program

The 30-day program is a good way to start treatment. Initially, knowing how long it will take to treat your addiction is impossible. Within the first 30 days, it is possible to gain insight into whether you need to take part in a longer program or not. The 30-day program will help you get through the physical withdrawal symptoms, and you can start developing techniques to help prevent a relapse.

Within the first 30 days, it is also possible to define a suitable course of treatment. Also, you can commit easily since it is a short period. The cost of treatment will also be lower. Insurance firms can also cover the entire cost.

The Advantages of a 60-Day Program

There is the benefit of added support and time. You’ll have time to detox and participate in therapy sessions that will help you deal with behavioral circumstances that have led to your addictive behavior.

During the 60 days, you will also actively practice healthy and positive habits that will ensure you maintain sobriety.

The Advantages of the 90-Day Program

At first, this program may seem intimidating. However, the longer you seek support and treatment, the higher the likelihood you can maintain sobriety as you recover from drug and substance abuse.

Such a program has shown a high success rate among all the others we’ve listed above.

In the 90-day program, you will undergo evaluation, detox, and therapy. There are also self-help groups, and you’ll receive an aftercare plan. The program is advisable since it will give you more time to adjust to a life without drugs. You can also strengthen your skills such that you can easily resist temptations in the near future and identify potential triggers. If you have been addicted for a prolonged period, the 90-day program will help you overcome your addiction issue.

About Extended Care Options

The 90-day program does help people with long-term addiction; however, there are instances whereby additional care is required. You may have to enter into a home environment that is well-structured such that you can stabilize your sobriety in the long run.

Sober living houses are affordable and free of drugs and alcohol. You’ll also get some support from your peers who are also focusing on recovery.

Seeking Help for Addiction

Each individual is unique, which means every addict cannot recover using the same program. Before getting into rehab, you’ll first ask yourself how long it may take to recover. You should know that there is no proven formula for recovering from drug and substance abuse.

Regardless of the uncertainty revolving around how long it takes to recover, you should not deter yourself from seeking the assistance you need. If you are looking for a treatment program, why not contact us today at 833-610-1174.

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