How Long Do I Need To Wait To Be Treated At A 30 Day Rehab Near Me?

You are in a crisis right now, having developed some dependency on certain drugs or alcohol. However, for the first time in forever, you have made up your mind about enrolling for addiction treatment and win back your sober life. Tomorrow, or next week you might wake up with a different feeling and ditch the idea. According to many reports from victims of drug and alcohol addiction, one of the major barriers to seeking treatment is the period taken to access treatment services. A lot can happen during the waiting period before being admitted into a rehab facility.

Featuring in a waiting list for extended periods either prompts addicts to give up on the treatment process and continue abusing the substances or view sobriety during this period as proof that they can survive without treatment. If you’ve been looking forward to getting admitted to a treatment center, you are probably anxious about the enrollment process and how long, on average, you will have to wait. We will discuss what to expect in length in this piece.

Same-day admissions

It’s possible to get admitted into a 30-day rehab program during the same day you inquire about their services and show interest in the facility. Nonetheless, same-day admittance significantly depends on the following circumstances:

Emergency cases

In cases where you’ve suffered a drug or alcohol overdose, and your health is in critical condition, most rehab facilities will take you in immediately. You will also qualify for same-day admittance at any rehab facility if you suffer a medical emergency related to your drug abuse history. After receiving medical assistance, you are unlikely to be released from the rehab until your condition stabilizes. Even after stabilizing, the rehab will recommend immediate drug addiction treatment to avoid a recurrent overdose or further deterioration of your health from the underlying medical conditions.

Mental health issues

Drug and alcohol addiction has been linked to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, among others. If you display potentially severe mental health conditions that trigger the use of drugs or as a result of the use of drugs, same-day admittance becomes not only necessary but also mandatory. Depending on the pre-intake screening and test results, your doctor could recommend immediate intake at the rehab center or admission to a psychiatric unit before coming back to the treatment recovery facility.

Available vacancy at the rehab center

Public rehab centers are known to admit patients on the first-come, first-serve basis. You will then be added to a waiting list if there are no available slots at the treatment center. However, if you are lucky enough to find a vacant slot at the treatment facility, you will be eligible for same-day admittance to the rehab facility.

Waiting periods for rehab admission

If you have no emergency cases, you will have to follow the standard admittance procedure at the rehab facility. The availability of a treatment slot at the facility mainly depends on its location, type of insurance cover, type of rehab, and the current capacity in the treatment center. You may have to wait a few days or weeks to secure a slot. The following are major determinants that play a massive role in the number of days you\’ll have to wait to get enrolled.

  • Location- some states have no waiting lists, while others have long waiting lists. According to reports, states such as California and Illinois have huge populations that reflect on the waiting lists and may have you waiting anywhere between ten to fifty days to get admitted.
  • Type of treatment facility- private treatment centers have better organization and less demand compared to their public counterparts. Although most are a bit pricier, you are likely to wait less in a private facility.
  • Current capacity- depending on the bed and patient capacity at the treatment center, you might have to wait for patients to graduate in order to find some vacancy at the treatment facility. 30-day treatment programs generally have less waiting time.
  • Insurance coverage- it’s common for insurance plans to turn down certain addiction treatment programs. Your preferred rehab center may also decline certain insurance coverage. Errors and delaying emanating from your insurance coverage details could be the reason why your waiting days keep getting longer.

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