How Is Substance Abuse Treatment in NJ Funded?

At times finances can be the barrier between you and addiction treatment, especially if you are uninsured or under-insured. Substance abuse has been a global disaster for ages now. With the mushrooming of rehab centers, getting treatment isn’t the primary problem today, rather the means to pay for it. This piece aims at informing you about all treatment funding options available.


As earlier mentioned, addiction treatment has gained a lot of support with many insurance companies covering various addiction treatments in their policies. Depending on your insurance cover, whether private or Medicaid, there may be limitations to the types of therapies. Most insurance plans cover for both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment or at least a significant part. Your insurance firm may also cover part of the treatment costs and request you to finance the rest with your personal means.

Personal financing

Rehab centers will accept payment for addiction treatment through cash by hand. Mostly this is sourced from personal funding or financing from family members and close friends. Financing your recovery journey using your savings and earnings may require additional professional financial advice. This option is only viable and sensible if you will still be left with some funds to jump-start you to sober living, after treatment.


Considering the detrimental effects addiction could have on your well-being, source of income, and relationships. Financial institutions, such as banks are gradually incorporating medical loans into their systems. You could consider taking out a personal loan from your bank or credit card to help you pay for your addiction treatment before everything gets out of hand. Try looking for loan terms that have low-interest rates to avoid unnecessary expenses. Some credit card firms offer special low-interest rates on healthcare credit cards, especially for mental health and substance addiction treatment.

Scholarships for low-cost treatment

In a bid to fight the growing drug abuse cases, some leading substance abuse-concerned firms collaborate with hundreds of rehab centers. These alliances assist drug addicts in finding low-cost treatment for their addictions. If this is an option in your list, research on the programs that offer these scholarships. Dig into their reviews to find out their success rates.

Addiction treatment is the only way out of living a painful and negative cycle of substance addiction. Once you are decided on admitting yourself into rehab, the funding part should be the easiest part of the process. Call us today at 833-610-1174 and let us tailor your treatment process according to your needs and desires.

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