How Does Someone Go From Pain Pills To Heroin So Quickly?

The transition from pain pills to heroin is common for many people who are addicted to drugs. Pain pills can be addictive and lead someone down the path of addiction, but they don\’t have the same risk factors as other substances like heroin. You may want to pay attention to some warning signs if you think your loved one might be on their way there.

The Pain Reliever Factor

Pain relievers are typically the first stop for many people who become addicted to drugs. The transition from one type of drug to another is easier than most people think, and it happens all the time. Even though pain pills aren\’t as dangerous as heroin, they can still be habit-forming and addictive. It\’s not unusual for someone who has been hooked on pain medication for a while to want something stronger that can give them a similar high without making them feel so drowsy or tired. This is where heroin comes into play, giving them just what they\’re looking for without any negative side effects. Of course, the side effects of heroin are much worse than those of pain pills, but that\’s complete besides the point.

The De-Addiction Factor

Getting off any sort of drug can be difficult for someone who has become addicted. Even though pain pills aren\’t as dangerous as heroin, they\’re still addictive, and quitting them abruptly may cause adverse effects like seizures or other issues. This is why people opt for a slow tapering process rather than just going cold turkey. Once this is complete and someone feels good enough to go without their usual amount of medication each day, they might want something else that will give them a similar effect. Heroin provides just what they\’re looking for from their previous medication, so it could seem like a good transition to make.

The Mental State Factor

Someone who is in the process of transitioning from pain pills to heroin may be in a mental state that makes it more likely for them to use this drug. This could be depression or anxiety since both conditions are common when someone is addicted to drugs. They\’re often used to attempt self-medication, but they don\’t work well when taken over long periods of time. Once someone is off their medication or taking less each day, they might feel like using something else that will give them similar effects would help ease some of the negative feelings associated with withdrawal. This starts the transition down the path of addiction, even if it\’s towards another substance entirely.

The Bad-News Scenario

Once someone becomes hooked on pain pills, it\’s not unusual for them to take more than the recommended dosage or take them more frequently than they should. This could lead someone down a slippery slope of addiction if their tolerance continues to grow over time. If this happens, they might want something even stronger that can give them the same type of high as before without increasing the amount taken each day. It\’s not unusual for people who have been addicted for quite some time to handle just about anything they can get their hands on to satisfy their addiction cravings. It doesn\’t matter what that is because everything seems like a good idea at that point.

Heroin is one of the more dangerous substances out there, so if anyone who has been addicted to pain pills decides to make this transition for whatever reason, they need to be aware of what could happen. Even though it may seem like a good idea in the beginning because it offers just what they want, sooner or later, reality will catch up with them. Taking too much or using heroin incorrectly could lead to an overdose that results in severe consequences, including death. Suppose someone is already taking opioids for their condition and has become used to how it makes them feel. In that case, this can put them at risk because these medications are very potent when taken by themselves or combined with other drugs that have similar effects.

If you believe that someone you know may be transitioning from pain pills into heroin, make sure they realize the risk factors involved. It\’s not too late to help them if they\’re willing to admit that there may be a problem and want to get professional help for their addiction before it\’s too late. No matter what anyone says, this is still a disease that can cause severe health problems or even death, just like alcoholism does with alcoholics. Heroin isn\’t the only dangerous drug out there, but it is one of the most addictive ones around, so people need to do whatever they can to prevent themselves from becoming addicted in the first place.

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