How Does a NJ Drug Rehab Center Address Negative Thought Spirals?

One of the reasons so few addicts can recover without the help of a New Jersey drug rehab center is that they spiral into a downturn of negative thoughts. Typically, these thoughts focus on validating drug use, such as believing you won\’t be able to function without the drug. Addicts also believe they won\’t be fun or likable when they\’re clean or sober, so they use the drug to make sure they\’re entertaining to others. Addicts also worry that they will lose a key part of their personality if they get clean, so they keep using to protect their sense of identity.

This starts with the idea that they will limit their use of the drug to times in which they need to be their best selves. From there, they gradually return to their former use habits and wind up confronting the same addiction problems that initially prompted them to alter their use patterns. In many cases, an addict will use more of the drug or take more frequent doses to combat the increased need that their relapse has caused. A New Jersey drug rehab center will be familiar with these patterns of thought, which is why therapy focuses on addressing these negative thought spirals.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used in conjunction with mind and body relaxation techniques to help create a more positive mindset. This process is used to teach recovering addicts to adjust their thought processes, helping them avoid negative or fatalistic lines of thinking. Instead of the all-or-nothing philosophy, they will focus on alternatives to using. This gives the recovering addict a means of reversing course during a potential relapse, so they can stop that downward spiral before they do use again. Therapists help recovering addicts use journaling and worksheets to help them see their negative thought patterns in writing. This makes it easier for them to identify how that spiral begins, and it shows them the various thoughts that lead to relapse. Even after completing the treatment program, recovering addicts can continue to use these methods to pursue a clean and sober lifestyle.

Various Activities in a NJ Rehab Center Help Eliminate Negative Thought Spirals

In addition to traditional types of therapy, other activities are used to help recovering addicts alter their patterns of thought and focus on more positive emotions. For example, yoga and meditation is used to help individuals become more mindful of their thoughts. While both meditation and yoga are highly effective in eliminating the stress that can serve as a trigger for relapse, these practices also help individuals keep their thoughts in perspective. Instead of allowing themselves to fall into a directionless spiral, recovering addicts learn to focus their thoughts through meditation. While practicing yoga, the mind is focused on maintaining specific poses, keeping it from dwelling on negative thoughts that could otherwise lead to relapse.

When the individual is focused on a specific intent through these activities, they can\’t entertain negative thought patterns. As they enjoy these brief respites from their downward spirals, they learn to adopt a more positive mindset and negative thoughts become less common. Physical exercise is also encouraged among recovering addicts. While this is a part of adopting a healthier way of life and will benefit their physical health, it also helps individuals feel better about themselves. As people exercise, their brains release endorphins or \”feel-good\” neurotransmitters. These endorphins promote better mood regulation, reducing the risks of experiencing anxiety, depressive episodes, or manic behavior.

The endorphin rush recovering addicts experience provides them a way of achieving a similar euphoria to that which drug use previously provided, enabling them to feel good about themselves through healthier means. As an added incentive, the release of endorphins is comparable to the level of physical activity. This means spending more time or energy engaged in exercise will create an even greater release of endorphins.

This is why many recovering addicts become fitness fanatics as they pursue their sobriety. It gives them a healthier way of maintaining a happier demeanor. All of those negative thoughts and fears about how they might change upon getting clean are negated when they are offered a healthy way of achieving that same state of euphoria. Seeking addiction treatment at a drug rehab center can help you adopt a more positive mindset as you begin your recovery. To enjoy these benefits, call our counselors at 833-610-1174. We\’re available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to help you get started on a path to clean living.

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