How Do You Identify an Effective Treatment Facility?

When you\’re struggling with substance abuse, it requires seeking help at a treatment facility to have the right support from medical professionals. Treatment facilities can also provide you with the tools and resources to overcome an addiction. The high success rate of treatment facilities often makes them a necessary component of achieving sobriety.

There are many different treatment facilities that are available, which offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. It can be difficult to know which treatment facility is the right fit for your needs and if it\’ll prove to be effective. Here are a few effective ways to identify an effective treatment facility to ensure you can obtain the help you need while struggling with addiction.

A High Success Rate

While researching local treatment facilities that are available in the local area, one of the most important factors to look into is each facility\’s success rates. This will allow you to determine if the program is effective and is worth the cost and the time you spend in the program. Look for programs that have accreditation to ensure it\’s certified and licensed by the state. This ensures there are proper standards of care in place. You can also read reviews of the facility to determine if other patients have had a positive experience and recommend it to other people who are seeking help with substance abuse.

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

The facility that you choose to receive treatment from should have evidence-based treatment methods in place to efforts of the program are effective. This may include medication management, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and proper education about the risk of substance abuse. The program should also address any mental health issues that each patient has to ensure they can address one of the underlying causes of addiction to prevent it from continuing.

Family Involvement

The most effective treatment facilities understand the role of families in a patient\’s life and how this can influence their addiction. The facility should encourage families to attend counseling centers that help them to rebuild trust and strengthen their relationships with the patient. This is also when family members can gain more understanding about addiction and how they can provide the necessary support to their loved one who is receiving treatment.

Continuing Care

The treatment facility should also provide each patient with continued care to ensure they can continue their sobriety journey after completing the program. Look for facilities that connect patients with counseling and therapy that they can continue to attend after returning home. It\’s also necessary for patients to be connected with a sponsor who provides support and accountability.

Some facilities also provide ongoing medication to patients to reduce the risk of relapsing after the program ends. Employment support, continued family involvement, and sober housing are additional resources that may be provided and should be easy to access to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

Try to find a facility that truly cares for its patients and wants to see them succeed after the program is completed. There should be plenty of resources available to transition into the real world easier and have the necessary support, whether you need to find a new job or continue to rebuild your relationships with your family members.

Avoid Programs That Guarantee Success

Steer clear of rehab programs that guarantee success in their advertisements, which is not realistic or honest for any type of treatment facility. Even the most successful treatment facilities don\’t always have 100% success because it\’s up to each patient to choose to continue the recovery process and put effort into their sobriety. If you enroll in a program that guarantees you\’ll become sober, they are likely lying about other aspects of the facility to gain your business.

The best facilities will tell you that you\’re responsible for your sobriety and following each step of the treatment program. The team can provide you with guidance and tools to break free of addiction but will tell you that you\’re the only one responsible for the decisions that you make in the program and after you return home. Call 833-610-1174 today to obtain the help of our treatment specialists.

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