How Can You Tell Your Children You\’re Going to Alcohol Rehabs in NJ?

One of the biggest problems you will have when you get ready to go to rehab is talking to your children about why you will be gone. You can\’t simply leave without explaining the situation to them. Naturally, you\’ll have someone taking care of them. However, you have to let them know why things might change a bit and why you might be gone for awhile. Here are some tips on how to help you tell your children you are going to alcohol rehab in NJ.

1. Consider the Age of the Children

First, you need to consider the age of your children. Younger children probably won\’t be able to understand rehab. Young children who aren\’t even in school yet might not need to now anything more than you will be going away for a couple of days.

In the same light, you don\’t want to patronize older children. Telling a twelve or thirteen year old that you are just going away for a couple of weeks may sound funny and unusual to them. It will only instill a lack of trust in them. Even worse, you don\’t want them to learn to start lying to you. Be honest to older children.

2. Emphasize Health

The whole point of you going to rehab is to get yourself healthy again. Going away will prevent you from being able to touch alcohol for the duration of your stay. This will help you get rid of the alcohol in your system. It will also help you get rid of your dependence. It is known that the first couple of days will be the worst. Being in rehab will stop you from running to the liquor store when the cravings get bad. In some situations, you may even go through withdrawal. The withdrawal can be deadly in some cases. Professionals can keep you safe and healthy.

Explain to your child that you\’re going away will help you stay healthy. Every child wants their parent to be healthy, so they will be more understanding.

3. Talk About Changes to Their Routine

Children may be most worried about how this will affect them in their daily life. Be clear about who will be in charge and any changes to their daily routine. Make it clear that they should still adhere to the same rules and expectations that you demand while you are home. Explain that this person coming in to help is doing you a favor, and they should make a point to behave. To help encourage the best behavior, you should give them an incentive. Tell them you will take them to a restaurant or arcade when you get back if you receive a good report from their caretaker.

4. Talk Timeframe and How You Will Communicate

Give your child a realistic expectation about how long you will be away. Do not lie if they are old enough to understand time. You can even mark the date on the calendar if you know a specific date.
Also, you need to explain how you will communicate with them while you are away. Even in alcohol rehab in NJ, you will probably have the opportunity to talk to them on the phone. They may even be able to come and visit. Organize a visit with the caretakers or tell them about your phone privileges so they know what to expect.

5. Offer Them Support

One thing many parents forget to do is ask the parent how they feel about the situation. You should be willing to listen to them. Be understanding if they say some things that aren\’t entirely positive. You should also offer support in the form of therapy if they are having trouble dealing with the situation. Older children and teenagers who have a clear understanding of the situation are likely to be the ones who have the most trouble.

Going to alcohol rehab in NJ is to help you be a better parent for your children. You can also explain this to them during your conversation. When you do come back, make a point to commit to your recovery. Coming back as a happier, sober person can make a better life for all of you. Call us today at 833-610-1174.

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